CinemizerOLED does more than Drone and FPV !

Check-out the solution developped by our partner HappyMed. The mission: improve the patient’s experience: get better distracted during medical treatments and thereby experience less stress and anxiety. Effects are proven, and impressive ! We are proud to support such a project. #emotionMatters



Our target ?


As many as 75% of adult patients experience some degree of anxiety when visiting the dentist. Tackling patient anxiety is not always a simple solution for a dental practice.

One of the most effective and natural ways of putting them at ease is through distraction, which can take the mind’s attention away from the sights and sounds of the dental office to a more calm and peaceful place.

Thanks to the Cinemizer OLED patients can experience high quality 2D or 3D videos during most any procedure in a comfortable, convenient and immersive environment. This will help them relaxed and forget where they are, decreasing anxiety and stress and improving their overall experience!


Consultants’ Comments

“Best new piece of technology that I’ve incorporated in years.”

“Reduces my stress by aiding in patient relaxation.”

“Patients were thrilled with this new technology.”


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