Meet Hervé Pellarin, emotion Seeker


“It’s not plug n play, it’s more plug n dream!”


We recently sat down with Drone Tech – AR & VR Consultant Herve Pellarin to talk about light painting, drones and how Cinemizer OLED video glasses  take it to the next level. 

Tell us about your drone and FPV experience, what are you looking for? Performance, competition?


I came into drones by accident, i love what fly’s and I love video so it had to happen 


In 2013 I created an association about rc hobby, we organized a race in a forest that went viral and I have been involved in the drone racing industry ever since. See the video here


{ WHY NOCOMP ? Are you a competitor or a dreamer ?}


Why lightpainting ? What drives you, in general ?


I like light painting because it amazes and amuses me. To think that with one spot of light, you can display thoughts and messages, a bit like an old TV used to work. 


{a word about Macron ?}

We claim that Emotion matters, have you found that to be true when using your Cinemizer goggles? 


I dont have the words to describe the feeling I had the first time I was able to dive with my openrov with your goggles. For the first time I felt like I was in my submarine, it was what I’ve always been waiting for. I could see every detail around me, it was just magic!


You tried the cinemizerOLED, any trick & tip you can share ?


Well, not really they are so straight forward to use. It’s not plug n play, it’s more plug n dream!




What are your next projects ?


I am going to keep doing things in dronce racing event organization, so many things left to do before this sport is compliant with mass media. I am also going on a trip for dive on wrecks with my openrov, because now that Cinemizer gave me some eyes, there are lots of things I want to see!

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