10 Steps for Installing Weathertech Floor Mats into Cars

10 Steps for Installing Weathertech Floor Mats into Cars in 2023

If you have ever wondered How to Install Weathertech Floor Mats in Cars? You are not alone. Many people don’t know how to install floor mats because they can be difficult for some people to do. Even if you have experience installing them, it is always nice when someone walks through the process with step-by-step instructions.

In this article, we will show you How to Install Weathertech Floor Mats in Cars and provide 10 easy steps that will help make installation a breeze!

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Steps to Install WeatherTech Floor Mats to Cars:


To start, remove all the other mats from your car. Only use Weathertech mats. Do not put other items beneath them either for two reasons

  • This will lead to a poorly fitting floor mat that does not protect your carpet from spills.
  • Installation of flat floor mats should be done right so they don’t hinder the driver’s pedals and gear shifter.


To install Weathertech Floor Mats, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the floor and remove any loose dirt or debris.

Vacuum the car thoroughly to remove any dust or dirt that may be hiding in hard-to-reach places. Next, clean your car’s floor by using a vehicle cleaning product. This will make sure that there are no tough stains or fluids left on the surface which could damage the mats over time.

*Do not skip this step!* Take care to dry off any excess moisture before moving on in the installation of Weathertech Floor Mats.


There are a variety of different Weathertech floor mats available depending on your car. Choose the correct mat for your make and model to keep it protected from dirt, spills, kids’ toys- the list goes on.

After measuring the footprint where the Weathertech Floor Mats will be installed, make sure that you buy the correct size.

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It’s important to choose the correct Weathertech Floor Mat for your specific car’s floor. They cannot be installed on either side of the vehicle because they won’t fit and they are designed to match only one side!

For your new Weathertech floor mats to fit properly, it is important that you can identify the left and right sides of the mat. This is done by looking for a location marking on the underside of the mat which is molded next to the part number.

You want to make sure that the mats are a perfect match for your car.


Installing Weathertech floor mats in your vehicle should take into consideration the current retention system that’s already installed.

New Weathertech floor mats may just snap into place with the other well-secured parts or require a few extra tools to work effectively.

Retention hooks with holes are at the bottom of Floor Mats. You can use them to secure the mats to your floor.

Use the locking hooks and grommets that came with your Weathertech floor mat installation kit to secure the floor mats to the vehicle’s carpet.

Weathertech car floor mats are perfect for those with a retention device

Installing Weathertech floor mats in a car can be quite challenging because there are various types of retention devices available for vehicles.

Twist retention devices, such as those made by Honda and Toyota, have the advantage of being able to install on either side of the vehicle.

The downside is that they may take some skill to make sure they are securely fastened in place around the perimeter, especially for larger vehicles with high-height thresholds or running boards.

Retention device bayonet bottoms work best if you own a BMW because installation is not necessary.


Install the driver’s side floor mat by making sure that it goes under the gas and brake pedals. Put the LHS marked mat on this side of the car first.

Before sliding the mats under the pedals, center the Retention caps’ posts on top of their corresponding feet. Check to make sure both retention homes are secure with a snap.

In addition to the floor mats, supplementary retention devices are needed for customized fitment. Check your instruction manual if this is required. When installing Weathertech mats in a car, it’s important to note that every vehicle is different.


Inspecting your vehicle’s steering and braking system for interference due to the installation of mats can help you determine whether or not it is safe to drive.


Installing passenger side floor mats is a bit different. To install the mat, loosen loops and place under the gas and brake pedals first as before but secure with hooks on your car’s floor instead of bolts.

You may use retention snap caps to attach floor mats to posts in your vehicle’s carpets.


Installing the rear floor mat is a bit different than installing the front row ones.

To install the mat, you will need to lift up your vehicle’s back seat and fold it down. Then repeat Steps 1 and 2 before installing the rear or 2nd-row floor mats in your vehicle. Slide it down the front row seats and lay them in.


Make sure the mats fit snug in your vehicle to avoid shifting or bunching up. It’s not always apparent, but when a technician retrieves your vehicle from service and you notice the floor mat is bunched up or does not snap incorrectly, ask them to re-install a new rear mat.

Video Guide to Install WeatherTech Floor Mats


Checkpoints to Check Before, During and After Installation:

Before Installation:

  • Before installing Weathertech Floor Mats, please remove any existing floor mats.
  • Line up the mats on top of one another before wedging them onto each other.
  • To install the Weathertech Floor Mats correctly, make sure that you buy them for your car.

During Installation:

  • Install over existing mats and not the floor of the vehicle.
  • Install your Weathertech floor mat by first putting the driver’s side (LHS) on the driver’s side of your car, and then installing the passenger’s side (RHS) on the passenger’s side of your car.
  • There are three different types of Weathertech Floor Mats — one for truck, van, and car floors.
  • Install the Weathertech Floor Mats with the logo facing up.
  • To install and secure Weathertech Floor Mats, use the provided retention hook and devices.

After Installation:

  • Always ensure that the accelerator, brake, and clutch pedal are working after installation.
  • After installing the floor mats, be sure to check for any interference with the car’s pedals.
  • Along with regular safety checks, make sure there is no debris or clutter in your car that could hinder you from driving by becoming lodged.
  • The frequent check of the car’s floor mats can help drivers avoid trips to the mechanic and unnecessary costs.
  • Do not use Weathertech floor mats in a car that is being used for anything other than its intended purpose.
  • You shouldn’t drive without shoes on.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I make my Weathertech mats fit better?

The first thing to check is whether the floor of your car is at an angle from front to back. If so, you can use Weathertech’s “Beveled” mats that are designed for vehicles with a slanted cabin.

The bevels on these mat’s edge should always point upwards and towards the dash board, and must either be trimmed or modified as needed if they don’t fit perfectly; you’ll never want them pointed downward because it will make it more difficult to get in and out of the vehicle.

Then, measure the height difference between your seats. There will need to be a small amount of “overhang” up by the dashboard for sure—it’s an aesthetic choice at what length this overhang.

Should you Armor All Weathertech floor mats?

These mats are designed to withstand water and dirt, so it’s a matter of preference. You could use Armor All Weathertech Floor Mats as the perfect barrier against mud and grime, but I advise that you place them in your trunk before placing heavy objects on them.


A few of the easy steps you can take to install Weathertech floor mats in your car include watching a video on YouTube or visiting their website for more information.

You might also want to check out reviews from other customers that have installed these mats themselves and share feedback about how it went. If installing them yourself seems like too much work, don’t worry!

We offer free installation with the purchase of any WeatherTech product (excluding Cargo Liners). Thank you so much for reading this blog post on getting started with installing Floor Mats in Your Car.

I hope you’ll get an idea about this topic. Let us know in the comments below if there was anything specific you wanted me to cover during my research phase before we finish up here.

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