How to Keep Your Chair Mat from Sliding on Carpet

13 Ways To Keep Your Chair Mat from Sliding on Carpet

Many people just put a chair mat on their carpet to protect it and think that’s the end of it. But, if you have a chair mat that slides around your floor, then you need to take some preventative measures before someone falls or slips. Here are four ways to keep your chair mat in place!

A sliding mat is a dangerous hazard for your home.

– Place a non-slip mat under the chair mat to keep it from moving around

– Use double sided tape or Velcro to attach the chair mat in place on top of carpeted areas

– Put furniture sliders underneath the edges of chairs and other pieces of furniture that slide across carpets, like ottomans and coffee tables (works best with rubber bottoms), or use an adhesive such as Sugru for added grip.

How do I keep my chair mat from sliding on carpet?

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that can prove to be the biggest annoyances.

This is especially true if you have a chair mat and live on carpeted floors. The issue with this combination is that the rug underfoot can make it extremely difficult for your chair to stay in place, which poses an obvious safety risk should someone get caught up in its movement. Here are some ways that will help keep your mat from sliding around:

Rubber Backing:

rubber backing is the one which helps to keep your chair mat from sliding on carpet. For this, you need to buy an ottoman or coffee table which has a rubber bottom. You can also use Sugru for added grip.

Gripper or Claw Backing:

here in this, you need to attach a gripper or claw backing on the underside of your chair mat. This can be done with Velcro strips, rubber furniture pads, or other adhesive materials. The purpose is here is to keep your carpet from moving around underfoot while you and others are using it in place of chairs.

Non-Skid Underlays:

It’s a another way to keep your chair mat from sliding on carpet. Here in this, you need to place a non-skid underlay underneath your mat. This will help it stay put and prevent unnecessary slipping while being used as an ottoman or coffee table alternative.


lastly, glides is the best way for keeping your chair mat from sliding on carpet without any issue because here in this material gets inserted between the back of your rug and the flooring surface below it that provides friction so that there’s no slippage whatsoever when people attempt to stand up on it!

Make Sure Your Mat Is of Good Quality:

if you are using any low-quality mat, then there is a chance that the mat will move around in place and it’s not going to be able to make your floor as clean. So, always go formats of good quality! We have covered the article on heavy-duty chair mats you can check out that.

Weigh it Down:

This is probably the simplest option on this list. The first time you notice your chair mat sliding, simply take a couple of books or anything that weighs about the same as an average person and place it on top. That is going to keep your rug in one spot for days!

Get a Rug Pad:

A great way to combat this issue would be by grabbing yourself a carpet pad which will help reduce any slippage at all when people walk across it. You should try getting something with some grip on its surface so that there’s no chance of slipping whatsoever!

Put Down Some Non-Slip Sheets:

This might seem like an odd option but we assure you, they work wonders. They are usually made out of vinyl material and can be found in most stores

Double-sided tape:

you can stick the mat through the tape and it will keep your mat from sliding around.

Put Some Books On It:

it’s the easiest way to stop a rug from moving! You can do this in any room or office space that you are trying to make more comfortable for yourself. The books, like we said before, add weight which helps anchor down the carpeting underneath. Plus they won’t move either so there’s no need to worry about them falling over on top of someone while they’re walking through!

Find A Rug With Non-Slip Backing:

A great option is finding a rug with non-slip backing because this eliminates all chances of slipping altogether when people walk across it. They also last longer than other types but maybe slightly.

Velcro straps:

Velcro, like double-sided tape which you can use to attach the rug to the carpet, is another option but may be more difficult to use.

Kitchen Towels:

Using bath towels or dish rags under your chair mat will also help anchor down any movement of a rug on top of it when someone walks across it and they are also super easy for people walking in from outside! They’re very inexpensive too so you don’t have to worry about incurring high costs if something goes wrong with them during their time being used.


One of the most common issues with chair mats is that they slide on carpet. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure you put your mat down first and then sit in it, rather than sitting on top of it. This will anchor the mat better so there’s less chance for slippage as people walk across it or try to push their chairs back into place after lunch! If you have any other questions about how to keep a chair mat in place, please comment below and we’ll answer them ASAP!

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