CinemizerOLED strikes back
at Paris Drone Festival

We celebrated on the Champs Elysee the come back of CinemizerOLED on Sept’2016 during the Paris Drone Festival. The CinemizerOLED come-back opened a new era in the history of drone flight. On that day, 150 000 people gathered to enjoy the most crowded drone race ever.


This was awesome !


This was awesome opening with you all the new chapter of the cinemizer OLED history, on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées at the Paris Drone Festival on Sunday Sept 4th 2016.


This was awesome feeling so much support and positive energy from great pilots in the adventure we are embarking for. 8 of the top EU pilots were there flying cinemizerOLED on the races.  Dunkan BossionHugo MadignierMatthieu BourhisJulien LeteveLuke BannisterGary KentJuli MüllerDaniel Pachon: You all rock guys !


This was awesome welcoming thousands and thousands of people on our ‘FPV Experience’ booth and allowing them to discover, through a pair of cinemizer OLED glasses, what kind of emotion an FPV drone ride brings.

This was awesome working like hell to prepare such an event in no time with the whole cinemizer OLED team, with great support from Geoffray Sylvain and ubi bene team, from Ric Vinuesa and ERSA team, from Laurent Khong and the Helicomicro team, with Inès and the PHILEOG ELEVEN team.


This day will probably remain as a major milestone for the FPV Drone history…
… We are just proud to have been part of it.


(associated video is one of the video we showed in the ‘FPV experience’ booth on the Avenue des Champs-Élysées, during the Paris Drone Festival, aimed at showing to the ones discovering FPV on that day what kind of emotions pilots were getting.)