Best Chair Mat for Heavy Person

10 Best Chair Mat for Heavy Person 2022 (Updated)

Chairs are one of the most important pieces of furniture in your home. They’re where you spend a lot of time sitting, watching TV, reading books and playing games with family members.

And while chairs come in all shapes and sizes, there’s still only so much they can do to make them more comfortable for you if you are overweight. That’s why it is important to invest in chair mats that will help insulate your feet from the cold flooring below and provide extra padding for comfort during long periods of sitting.

In this article we’ll be looking at 10 different products on Amazon that should give you some ideas about which ones might be best suited for your needs.

Why you need the chair mat for the heavy person?

there are several reasons to get a different chair mat for heavy person. .

The first is that it will make the chair more comfortable. Usually, people who are overweight don’t have to think about this as much because they’re sitting at a desk or in an office most of the day.

But when you spend hours on end watching TV and reading books with your family members, it’s not uncommon for them to get uncomfortable from being seated for so long. The best way to fix this is by investing in a mat that has special cushioning and insulation properties designed specifically for heavy person.

And while there are plenty of options out there, here we’ll be taking a look at some popular ones on Amazon that should give you some ideas about which which one would work best in your home environment.

Protect the Floor:

So it will protect the floor from possible scratches and dents, it will also protect your back by providing a cushiony surface that you can sink into.

Move within your workspace:

Another benefit of chair mat for heavy people is that they can move around more freely and naturally in their workspace.


If you’re looking for a mat that has plenty of padding, then this one will be perfect for you! The surface is soft enough to provide relief from the pressure exerted on your back by prolonged sitting. It also helps with circulation, which leads to better blood circulation.


Sometimes you are getting pain on your body and it is time to stop. This chair mat for heavy people can help you in your work and sit comfortable while on the floor, it will also protect the floors from scratches and dents.

Odor Resistant:

This one inhibits unpleasant odors so that you don’t have to rely on artificial fragrances or sprays which may contain harmful chemicals. The natural rubber material used in this product contains a high percentage of carbon black, which helps inhibit bacteria growth without using any harmful substances!

Best Chair Mat for Heavy Person 2022

  1. Floortex Polycarbonate XXL Office Mat
  2. Doublecheck Carpet Chair Mat
  3. Marvelux Heavy Duty Chair Mat
  4. Ilyapa Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors
  5. Floortex Glaciermat, Reinforced Glass Executive Chair Mat
  6. Dimex Offers Clear and Rectangle Office Chair Mat
  7. Evolve Modern Shape 33″ x 44″ Clear Office Chair Mat
  8. OFM ESS Collection Chair Mat with Lip for Carpet
  9. Lorell Nonstudded Design Hardwood Surface 48 x 36-Inch Vinyl Chair Mat
  10. AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mat

1. Floortex Polycarbonate XXL Office Mat:

Floortex Polycarbonate XXL Office Mat 60" x 60" for All Pile Carpets
  • Incredibly durable polycarbonate for the ultimate in floor protection
  • Totally rigid for a perfect, ergonomic, easy-glide surface
  • High clarity; Green Guard indoor air-quality certified
  • XXL size for all pile carpets; Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Square 60" W x 60" L

The quality of this mat is unrivalled. Most people are looking for products that can shield their floors from damage, but the issue with many mats is they’re thin and flimsy. This chair mat has a thickness of 1 inch, making it much more durable than most other options on the market today!

Your floor’s safety should be your top priority when choosing a new office or home addition – especially if you have hardwood floors at risk of scratches and dents like I do! If you want an expertly designed product that will provide years’ worth of protection against accidental dirt spills too (though don’t worry- there’s no need for any household chemicals!), then get one now while supplies last!”

  • made of a high quality polycarbonate material
  • extra-long length, width and thickness.
  • surface area offers better stability so you don’t slip on the floor.
  • comes with antimicrobial protection
  • There are no such cons to this product.

2. Doublecheck Carpet Chair Mat:

Office Chair Mat for Carpeted Floors Polycarbonate Transparent for Rolling Desk Computer Chairs Low and Medium Pile Carpets 36 X 48 X1/8 with Lip Heavy Duty Thick and Sturdy Shipped Flat
  • “NEW” – After a lot of research and testing we have updated our “NEW” Chair Mats with “NEW” Polycarbonate stiff as metal and transparent like glass unbeatable durability long lasting won’t break crack scratch curl or discolor in normal use, CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS= Only clean with chemical free water, chemicals can cause the mat to weaken and crack
  • HEAVY DUTY - Thickest chair mat available in the market measures at 1/8 of an inch in approx. sturdy and firm surface office chair mat to insure wheels don't sink or leave indentations and that the corners stay flat.
  • HIGHLY TRANSPARENT - Allowing the beauty of your floor to shine through.
  • SUPER GRIP BACKING - Studded underside holds the mat firmly in place designed for use on low and medium pile carpets the lip extends beyond the main rectangular area of the mat to protect the floor under the desk THIS IS NOT INTENDED FOR HARDWOOD FOR OUR HIGH QUALITY HARDWOOD MATS PLEASE SEARCH B072TPG1VS
  • ENVIRONMENTAL - Phthalate free and free from volatile toxic compounds to keep a healthy indoor environment.

One of the most sought-after mats in existence is the Polycarbonate Carpet Chair Mat by Doublecheck Products. This mat not only boasts being heavy duty and environmentally friendly but also has a polycarbonate material that ensures it will never break, curl, discolor or scratch under normal use.

It’s advertised as offering ⅛ inch thickness to ensure your chair won’t make any indentations on your flooring nor sink into carpets due to its studded underside which holds it firmly in place at all times

The company offers this product with an 18” width for easy maneuverability around chairs without having too much fabric overlap onto other pieces of furniture making transporting easier and more convenient than ever before!

  • free of volatile toxic compounds and phthalate-free, making your office or home environmentally-friendly and healthy.
  • prevents the corners of your chair from lifting because of its underside.
  • Protects the floor with a built in “lip.”
  • material allows the carpet to be visible, giving a more plush.
  • Designed for heavy persons, the Thick, durable mat is both dent-resistant and waterproof to protect your hardwood or tile flooring.
  • The mat will change color over time.

One of the best chair mats for heavy people is Doublecheck Heavy Duty Carpet Chair Mat. It’s heavy-duty and sturdy, with an efficient design that never fails to make rolling or gliding easy. The surface of the carpet mat offers a smooth ride, and it is transparent so as not to mess up your aesthetics.

3. Marvelux Heavy Duty Chair Mat:

Marvelux 47" x 53" Heavy Duty Polycarbonate Office Chair Mat with Lip for Carpets | Transparent Carpet Protector for Low, Standard and Medium Pile Carpeted Floors | Multiple Sizes
  • 100% PURE POLYCARBONATE CARPET CHAIR MAT FOR LIGHT/MEDIUM/HEAVY USE - 47" x 53" (25” x 10" LIP) - Tough, durable premium chair mat provides the ultimate carpet protection, lipped chair mat perfect for use under office desks. Suitable for low, standard and medium pile carpets (up to 1/2" thick).
  • HIGH IMPACT STRENGTH FOR ERGONOMIC GLIDING - Durable polycarbonate chair mat with a smooth easy glide surface to provide added ease of movement, which is proven to reduce leg fatigue by taking the strain off your legs. The floor mat’s rigid surface will not dip or cup throughout its lifespan.
  • PREMIUM STUDDED BACK COMPUTER CHAIR MAT - Expertly designed studs provide effective grip to keep the rug firmly in place, whilst preventing damage to low, standard and medium pile carpet that can be caused by your rolling office chair casters or wheels.
  • SAFE & FAMILY FRIENDLY MAT - No Odor, No Toxins, No Cadmium, No Tin and No Lead. Our long lasting clear polycarbonate chair mats are easy to maintain - simply clean the pad with warm soapy water, no harsh chemicals required.
  • SHIPPED ROLLED - Our small size chairmats (30" x 48" and 36" x 48") are shipped flat and our larger carpet protectors (48” x 51”, 47" x 53" and 48” x 60”) are shipped rolled. Polycarbonate chairmats should revert to their flat state almost instantly.

The Marvelux Heavy Duty Polycarbonate Mat for Carpets can protects carpets from dirt, spills and other types of accidents. It is meant to be used under heavy furniture like chairs or tables (up to 3000lbs).

This mat has a polyurethane backing that will not scratch carpet flooring, unlike some mats with rubber bottoms. The cloth top layer also resists stains making this an ideal product for any home looking for protection without sacrificing quality!

The first thing people think about when it comes to chair mats are the ruggedness and durability present in products by Marvelux – they’re designed specifically as “heavy duty” models which means they’ll last much longer than lower-quality ones would because their materials tend more towards modern.

  • Non-toxic, lead, and phthalate-free
  • This chair mat is for people who want a footrest. It gives you both comfort and stability. It also has a sliding capability, which is good if you are a heavy person and want to use it.
  • Shipped flat to offer no bumps and ridges so you can lay it down on the floor without catching your feet.
  • Larger mats can be delivered rolled, which may cause them to roll up on themselves.

The Marvelux Polycarbonate Heavy duty mat allows you to easily move on the surface while providing dent and abrasion-resistant traits. The unobtrusive-looking design is perfect for preserving furniture and other surfaces.

4. Ilyapa Chair Mat for Hardwood Floors:

Ilyapa Office Chair Mat for Hard Floors 36" x 48" Heavy Duty Clear, PVC Chair Mat for Hardwood and Tile Floors, Protective Floor Mat for Home or Office
  • PROTECT YOUR HARD FLOORING from scratches and marks of any kind. Perfect office floor mat for hardwood, tile, laminate, concrete, and vinyl floors.
  • SLIP & SCUFF RESISTANT - Our chair mats feature mooth backing for use on hard floors. The upward surface is lightly textured for controlled chair movement. Not for use on carpeted floors.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - If there are ever any spills, simply wipe your office plastic mat down with a soapy dishcloth.
  • TOUGH DURABLE DESIGN - Made of durable PVC, our office chair mats are built to last. No cracks, curls or discoloration
  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Ilyapa stands behind all of its floor mats for office chairs 100%. The Office Floor Mat comes with an automatic 1 year warranty. Register online for a FREE LIFETIME WARRANTY

The Ilyapa Office Chair Mats are made to protect various types of floors from scuffs and slips. Hardwood, vinyl-covered, laminated tile flooring – the mat will not scratch or damage any type of flooring while still shielding the surface.

All you have to do is sign up online for a lifetime warranty on the product and it will be sent to your door! It doesn’t get more simple than that especially for busy executives who don’t always time to stop in their local store.

  • The text on the mat is easily visible due to its transparency
  • Some of our customers who have used the product on hardwood and laminate floors say.
  • The best chair mats for heavy persons come in many bumper shapes and sizes to accommodate most people’s needs.
  • Using a rolled mat if you choose a bigger size that might cause ridges.

The mat is made of sturdy materials, which provides a nonslip and aesthetically pleasing alternative to uncarpeted floors. Made with high-quality material, the mat not only offers protection for your flooring but also blends in nicely with your décor.

5. Floortex Glaciermat, Reinforced Glass Executive Chair Mat:

Glaciermat Reinforced Glass Executive Chair Mat 36" x 48" for Hard Floors and All Pile Carpets
  • Crystal-clear, reinforced glass construction supports up to 1,000 lb.
  • Polished edges and radius corners create elegant finish to match any decor
  • Ultra-tough, perfectly flat surface for easy-glide ergonomic benefits
  • Versatile design protects both hard floors and all pile carpets

This is the final product on our list, and it’s certainly a doozy. The chair mat can take up to 1000 pounds of weight- but that’s not all this tough guy has going for it.

The rubber backing on these mats is specifically designed to protect floor surfaces and provide durability. Rough, ridged floors are no problem for this mat because the surface has a smooth glide.

The best thing about it? It can take up to 1000 pounds of weight without bending or sinking.

One of the best chair mat options on our list is this protective mat. Besides that, it can grow with you and will function to its best on a daily basis – without any issues.

  • The chair mat is quite stylish. Once you own your own or bring this product to your home, it will look amazing.
  • This chair mat is durable as well. It will serve you for a long time!
  • More than that, it features an ergonomic design which will make the mat highly functional.
  • Adjusting the sitting may cause some discomfort.

6. Dimex Offers Clear and Rectangle Office Chair Mat:

Dimex 46"x 60" Clear Rectangle Office Chair Mat For Low Pile Carpet, Made In The USA, BPA And Phthalate Free, C532003G
  • FOR LOW PILE CARPET: Designed with cleats to protect low pile carpet measuring 1/4 (0.25) inches or less, with a smooth top surface for easy chair movement
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: 46 x 60 inch chair mat, suitable for large work spaces with small or large standard 5 wheel chairs – packaged in a cylinder for shipping stability and lays flat once unrolled
  • BLENDS WITH YOUR DÉCOR: Designed with industry leading clarity to seamlessly fade into your floors
  • ODOR FREE & NONTOXIC: Greenguard Certified and BPA and Phthalate free for recommended use in offices, schools, and healthcare facilities;Recommended Location:Indoor
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY: Backed by a 1 Year Limited Warranty that guarantees chair mats are free from defects in material and workmanship, limited to replacements and specifically excludes special or consequential damages

As most heavy people know, finding a premium-quality large chair mat is difficult because their size category is not wide enough for all the different people in various body sizes.

That’s where Dimex Desk Chair Mats come in handy. The grip they have on the floor and weight capacity up to 700 pounds make them an excellent purchase not only for big guys like me, but also slim individuals as well!

This chair mat can withstand weight loads up to 600 pounds, making it perfect for taller and heavier individuals. It is most suitable for 24-hour office or commercial use.

The floor protectors consist of PVC plastic material. It is a tough mat that saves your carpet from regular wear and tear, and has the same ingredient as in the manufacturing industry of aircraft windows and bulletproof glass

It consists of a plastic layer on top; this helps isolate vibrations between the weight of person sitting on chair, or an unusual object on it. The rubber layer below provides cushioning to soak up any drips or spills automatically.

  • This chair mat is highly durable and lasts much longer than most other options on the market.
  • The surface is slick to allow the chair to slide smoothly across the mat.
  • These floor protectors are of a design that matches the interior décor. Therefore, they are not cumbersome and can be easily included with the whole ensemble.
  • The chair mat is also odorless and non-toxic.
  • The mat is rolled up when purchased and will take some time to unroll before installation.

7. Evolve Modern Shape 33″ x 44″ Clear Office Chair Mat:

Evolve 33" x 44" Clear Office Chair Mat with Rounded Corners for Low Pile Carpets, Made in The USA, C5B5003G
  • FOR LOW PILE CARPET: Cleated mat protects carpet with pile measuring 1/4 (0.25) inches or less
  • FITS SMALLER WORKSPACES: 33 x 44 inch chair mat fits small office chairs with a 22 inch base in home offices, schools, dorm rooms, or bedrooms
  • INDUSTRY LEADING CLARITY: Clear chair mat seamlessly fades into floor design to blend with décor
  • SMOOTH TOP SURFACE: The carpet chair mat allows rolling office chairs to easily glide over the smooth top surface

Whether you have carpeted flooring, Evolve Modern has a premium-quality mat to protect your floors from heavy chair traffic.

The chair mat has a 1-year warranty and features safety from overweight people. If you are heavy, it is the best choice for you.

The chair mat is made of durable PVC material, perfect for the low-pile carpet. The back has a cleated backing that offers superior grip and comfort when moving your chairs around on it. It includes an extra lip to prevent damage from occurring under desks or tables with small legs – this ensures you have plenty of room without sacrificing protection!

The chair mat comes with excellent workmanship and will not need to be changed any time soon.

  • This chair mat consists of sustainable and recycled products.
  • This chair mat reduces your carbon footprint so you are environmentally friendly.
  • These chair mats offer great performance for users and they are not too heavy.
  • The office chair mat has a transparent color that does not disrupt the appearance of your room or living area.
  • This is a very expensive chair mat.

8. OFM ESS Collection Chair Mat with Lip for Carpet:

OFM ESS Collection 36" x 48" Chair Mat with Lip for Carpet (ESS-8800C)
  • CHAIR MAT protects your carpet and flooring from surface friction from your desk chair wheels. The transparent chair mat allows flooring colors to show through the mat.
  • 1/4" THICK CARPET PILE is the ideal pile for this chair mat. The gripper-back surface of the mat works best with 1/4" thick carpet pile.
  • RAMPED EDGES that allow for easy off/on rolling.
  • EXTENDED LIP allows for under desk coverage. This chair mat for carpets measures 36" x 48" and is 2.2 mm thick.
  • MAT UNCURLING takes 48-72 hours. Please review the easy process in the image carousel.

OFM ESS Collection “The only major manufacturer focused on ergonomically designed office seating for large individuals. Offer a complete range of chairs, task chairs and HON seating from under $100-$1500. Wide selection also includes under desk units, high capacity desks, furniture on casters.”

This mat is easy to install and has a high tolerance for heavy weights. Because it resists curling in the sun, it’s beautiful.

Best Chair Mats for Heavy Person: The OFM ESS Collection of chair mats features a natural design and ramped edges, making them convenient for rolling.

The attractive design of this chair does not stop at how it looks. It also offers many features to make it as comfortable and easy on the joints as any ordinary chair.

One of the best ways to protect your floor is with a chair mat. These mats have an ergonomic design that helps keep you in good posture while sitting at your desk or table for hours on end. The surface features textured grooves and ridges which make it easy to grip, preventing slips from occurring during unplanned movements across the mat’s surface area.

The round shape prevents uneven stacking when not being used; use this space-saving feature as another benefit! This vinyl material will last long after other materials fade away due to wear and tear – making them highly durable yet affordable solutions for anyone looking into adding protection around their office space without having too much clutter take up valuable workspace.”

  • The chair mat helps to maintain strong posture by correcting your positioning.
  • The OFM Company offers an affordable chair mat for people who are heavier.
  • Our mats have been made with a durable and solid structure that won’t break easily.
  • The chair mat requires extra effort when rolling out because of its size.

9. Lorell Nonstudded Design Hardwood Surface 48 x 36-Inch Vinyl Chair Mat:

Lorell Nonstudded Design Hardwood Surface 48 x 36-Inch Vinyl Chair Mat, Clear
  • Nonstudded design made specifically for hard floor surfaces
  • Lightly textured top surface is slip-resistant and scuff-resistant
  • Easy-glide rolling surface provides effortless mobility
  • Mat Width: 36-Inch, Mat Length: 48-Inch, Mat Thickness: 60 mil
  • Shape: Rectangle, Straight Edge, BPA Free, Cadmium-free, Phthalate-free, Slip Resistant, Scuff Resistant

Lorell’s Non-Studded design is the best chair mat for industrial environments. This non-studded, transparent and clear vinyl style is an excellent choice for installations with heavy traffic needs.

The heavy-duty chair mat is designed to make a tough job easier for an individual who has problems moving small piles of food and liquids around.

The chair mat has been specifically designed to protect the hardwood floor surface. The textured, scuff-resistant and slip resistant design is perfect for those active environments where you need a little extra protection from your furniture while still being able to easily move around without feeling like it’s stuck in place on top of something else.

It offers plenty of space with its 36 inch width and 48 inch length giving enough room for any desk or other working area that requires movement throughout their work day but also needs some added safety measures against daily wear & tear such as spills, scratches or general dirt buildup!

The thickness at 60 mil will be sure not only to last through heavy use over time but also give an excellent level of quality assurance so no one.

  • This chair mat is environmentally friendly and has many key features.
  • This is a cadmium-free and BPA-Free product.
  • The chair mat is non-slip and offers lots of benefits.
  • This reviewer found that this mat is resistant to scratches.
  • This is not the best chair for a hardwood floor. It end up damaging the wood instead.

10. AmazonBasics Polycarbonate Office Carpet Chair Mat:

One of the most common household problems is dirty flooring. This happens because we drag things such as wheels and casters all over our floors (and they’re just plain messes!). The best way to counter this problem is to invest in a chair mat, which can greatly reduce wear, tear, and damage on your laminate or tile flooring.

If you need a product to keep your floor clean, this is the perfect floor mat for you. You will love how smooth and soft it feels when sitting on it while fighting off bacteria.

The material was made of a durable polymer.

In addition, the top surface is a little bit textured. Therefore, you can expect that this durable product will serve your purpose for a long time.

In addition to this, the chair mat comes with a glide surface for particularly heavy people. This means it is controlable, and controllable at any moment.

  • Our product is not only safe for kids but has all the necessary safety features. So you can use it in your home without any worries.
  • You can choose various different materials for the mat, including rubber, PVC and vinyl.
  • The product is made to be highly impact resistant, saving it from wear and tear.
  • Some customers find it with their carpets which is an issue.

Why Need The Chair Mat for The Heavy Person?

Many people do not fully appreciate the need for a chair mat. However, these mats will help to improve your office posture and reduce strain on your back by redistributing weight.

Ergonomic chair mats provide a variety of health benefits and also have numerous beneficial features. To learn more about this product, read below to find out:

The ergonomic mat provides many health benefits, such as improved spinal alignment when you are sitting in the wrong posture for too long. You can also benefit from improved concentration when you’re deep.

Healthy Sitting Place:

A chair can cause pain in your legs and back, but especially if you are a heavy person. There is no cure for this, but there are ways to make it less painful. You could use a good mat on the floor so that it doesn’t hurt as much or you could invest in a great chair to reduce the strain.

Protects Your Floor:

You know your floor is damaged by chair casters. The first benefit of a mat is that it will protect your floor from the caster wheels and keep a good-looking surface. So if you want to save your floor then buy this item.

You Can Move Easily With A Chair:

One of the most demanding jobs in an office is rolling your chair across a carpet or through a slippery surface. Without meaning to, it can get frustrating to constantly maneuver from one corner of your desk to the other. That’s where our product steps in — with its help, you can easily and precisely move towards any direction on your desk without it. We have published an article on the ways to keep your Chair Mat from Sliding on Carpet

Boosting The Aesthetics:

The heavy-duty chair mats are designed to make sure your chair stays in place. The variety of colors and materials available makes for a beautiful addition to any venue, meaning this mat can be both functional and stylish. This mat also adds a heightened sense of tidiness that enables you to work more productively.

Buying guide of the best chair mat for heavy person:

Choosing the best chair mat for a heavy person can be difficult given all of the offerings on the market. When making this important choice, consider these 10 things before buying to help you decide whether or not it’s right for your needs and budget.

I hope this guide will help you choose the best chair mat for your needs.

Size of The Mat:

Make sure you measure your workspace and then choose a chair mat that will fit. The perfect size should make you comfortable while at your desk and shouldn’t make damage to the carpet or flooring.

Consider The Floor:

Chair mats for heavy people are an essential investment to keep your flooring from being destroyed. Almost as important is choosing a mat that will fit properly on the chair and protect both the mat, your floors, and most importantly you.

Prevent The Carpet Damage:

You may think that you have carpet and don’t need a thick chair mat. But if you use it for long enough, the rolling of your office chair can make your own carpet wear out. So it is the most important consideration while purchasing a chair mat.

In order to protect your carpet from damage, it is important that the chair mat is not too thin. If you do not want to end up with a poorly looking or damaged carpet than make sure the chair mat absorbs as much as possible.

Damage of the carpet:

One consideration is that chair mats can end up damaging your carpet. This often occurs when people roll the chairs on the floor and move them back to their original places.

Thus, if you opt for a chair mat, make sure it is capable of protecting your carpet.

For starters, if you don’t want to ruin your carpet, invest in a chair that is good for the floor.


The chair mats come in different colors and textures. The patterns are varied, so customers can find something they love , making these flooring protectors a must-have for busy home owners.


When purchasing any product, consider the budget and then look for options that are within your price range. A good investment can prevent health issues and save you money since it is important to protect expensive flooring from wear and tear. And depending on your lifestyle, a chair mat could be an excellent purchase whether you need to work at home or have a long commute with the little ones in tow.

People Also Asks (FAQs)

Are chair mats not suitable for carpets?

It’s true that the dirtier the floor, the less suitable a mat is for use on it. If a chair mat is not cleaned often enough or if it isn’t large enough to fit under your desk from side-to-side, then you might have trouble effectively trapping dirt particles. A dirty floor will simply allow too many particles to sneak past without being trapped.

In this case, duct tape (or another strong adhesive) along the edge of your carpet would be an effective solution; this will trap and contain any stray granules that happen to rub off on you as you walk across or brush up against them.

Naturally some mats are better than others and some surfaces much worse than others – so please feel free to ask

What is the best material considered for chair mats?

Rubber foam and plastic are both good options.

Rubber mats are a durable floor cover especially designed for use in restaurant, banquet halls, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals and more. They have a comfortable feel under your feet and they’re easy to clean. When looking for the ideal rubber mat consider that thickness is proportionate to price when it comes to rubber mats. typically the thicker the mat is the more expensive.

Will the chair mat crack?

It is a possibility.

 “A chair mat’s ability to protect against damage from repetitive use cannot be guaranteed, as each individual’s usage habits are different. This is particularly true of mats with cheap adhesives or those which attach with adhesive onto the underside of a surface.”

The question grows out of the experience – in my office, we had an employee who had a chair mat and he said it would crack when he would get up on his knees to pick something off the floor. The people who were at that desk most likely did this regularly, even if not every day, and the weight-bearing pressure was enough for the thin rubber layer (usually about 3 millimeters thick) underfoot to wear through after it can be cracked.

Are those chair mats hard or flexible?

They are both. The mats are made up of a series of flexible cells that can also be filled with water, air, or sand to make them more rigid. You could say that they have an “adjustable density”. An important note is that the pads should never be filled with liquids if being used for motorized chairs.

For most people, a 50/50 mix of water and air works best, giving you something softer than hardwood but does not bog you down as sand would do – only those who use wheelchairs exclusively for driving need to worry about using the dry version and this is typically because they want a higher degree of cushioning.

We have published an article on Top Grill Mat For Composite Deck, You can checkout that too.


Our Top 10 Best Chair Mats for Heavy Person list includes products that are designed with heavy people in mind. They’re durable and made to withstand the extra pressure of a heavier person sitting on them, which means you can be confident they’ll last as long as your office chair does. Whether you need something simple or want some added special features, we assure you that any one of these products will not disappoint.

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