Best Entry Mats for Hardwood Floors in 2021

Best Entry Mats for Hardwood Floors in 2023

It can be hard to decide on the best option for your entry mats. There are many things you should consider before making a decision, including how much traffic there is, how often you clean them and what type of floor surface they will protect.”

An entry mat is an excellent way to help protect your floors and keep them in good condition. They are designed for any type of floor, but they’re especially great if you have hardwood or laminate! So today we’ll be sharing the best entry mats that will work well on these types of surfaces.

Essentially, there’s only one thing you need to know about this purchase: it can really save a lot of money by preventing wear-and-tear on your home – as long as it’s later replaced with something new because eventually all things do get worn out!

This blog post explores 8 unique options for Best Entry Mats for Hardwood Floors that include everything from heavy duty matting to carpet runners.

Best Entry Mats for Hardwood Floors:

choosing the best entry mats is really a tough job when it comes to hardwood floors. Best entry mats for hardwood should be made with a non-slip rubber backing and are designed specifically to protect your floors from daily wear-and-tear, even if you have the most expensive type of flooring!

There are lots of options out there so it can take some time just finding what best suits your needs – but don’t worry because we’ve done all that work for you!

BEAU JARDIN Indoor Entry Mat:

A classically designed entry mat, having the capability to absorb everything like magic! This rug for a wooden floor is composed of the most delicate cotton fabric on which no hair can stay for a long time. It keeps the floor clean by making sure all the shoe mud, dust, grid, or liquid slush get entertained on it without entering your hallway. The size of this rug is large 47″ x 28″.  Its simple yet elegant design adds up more to your wood flooring and leaves them spotless.

The mat is designed with polyester piles in the top layer for perfect absorption and a 0.6-inch thickness that can still easily be used with doors without becoming an obstacle. Additionally, it features latex to provide non-slip security eliminating the risk of accidents like slips and falls.

This mat is great for pet owners because it captures most of the dirt attached to their paws when they enter. They walk onto the floor with clean legs, so this mat does not require a lot of time or maintenance. The main concern about entry mats can be how quickly they get dirty. This mat is fully machine-washable and can even be hosed off using mild detergent.

Some fibers may shred during wash, but at least there are enough of them to carry out the desired floor protection task.

Available in more than five bright colors, match your accessory to your rooms!

  • This mat is designed to soak up water, dirt, mud, slush and other liquid spills very effectively.
  • Latex bottoms prevent slipping, skidding, and indoor noise
  • Made with rubber to hold dirt and sand, these mats are designed to suit any hardwood floor.
  • The easy-to-clean mat is also machine washable.
  • Move quickly on a wet floor

Gorilla Grip Original Indoor anti fatigue:

Gorilla Grip Design Entries Mat has an extra absorbent layer to help soak up the dirt from feet. These mats are very comfortable for paws and shoes when being walked on, not only in the kitchen, but they should be located at front of all doorways. Ultra-Premium construction with style available in several different colors, this mat is made out of durable material that can cover a small area on your front door area. Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mats can range anywhere from nonslip bottoms to anti-slide properties so you don’t have any accidents around food areas or spills due to them sliding becoming common hazards.

Some of the best mats are easy to manage and work in both luxury kitchens and regular home kitchens. These entry mats will keep your floor safe with dirt from outside being tracked in as well as food safety from germs present on shoes or pets inside. Mats also make cleanup quick while drying quickly, saving you time when it’s done.

Here are the best kitchen mats for hardwood floors. Premium Quality Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat comes with a warranty that protects you if it becomes damaged, and its materials are much better than natural rubber!

The gorilla grip rug is an excellent entry mat for hardwood flooring, absorbing a variety of substances from shoes and beverages to mud.

You might need an entry mat that is more effective than just a carpet. The Gorilla Rug sticks to the floor so dirt doesn’t get dragged across it and vacuumed into your home.

If you’re looking for an entry rug, a lot of options are low-profile and need to be paired with a softer mat. The Gorilla Rug is durable and it has a soft feel on the bare foot while also being functional.

  • The rug’s premium construction creates a low profile but exceptionally comfortable surface.
  • The gorilla rug is the perfect entry mat because it can absorb mud or water in order to protect your hardwood floors.
  • The mat is easy to clean, just place it in the washing machine and tumble dryer.
  • This entry mat for hardwood floors does not slip because it is constructed with rubber.
  • Safely tuck with a low profile so it will go under doorways easily
  • Before laying a rug on hardwood floors, make sure to wash the rug gently since intense washing and spinning can damage the construction.
  • You will need to clean it regularly if the rug is getting wet as this may damage your hardwood floor.

WaterHog Fashion Commercial Grade Entry Mat:

The Waterhog entry mat is uniquely crafted with a ridged pattern that easily captures dirt and mud. The mat remains securely in place on your hardwood floor without sliding around when you step onto it. While the slip-resistance feature of this product might not be as durable while it is used outside, it can still effectively perform well on clean surfaces like moist or dustless floors.

We have carefully selected a wide range of different cleaning surfaces for deep carpets, tiled floors and other hard-wearing flooring from companies like Bissell.

Some offers best services while others are lighter options suitable for certain areas on the home but all will make the task easier.

Available in an array of eye-catching colors to suit your style, I liked the traditional and natural look that matches my outdoor garden entry because it’s easy to clean and is also resistant to mold. {The mat has deep grooves across its surface so vacuuming or wetting with a water pipe are necessary for cleaning.} To dry, place it in the open air for several hours.

These best kitchen help mats for hardwood floors are made of polypropylene fiber, which dries quickly and makes them great for outdoor use. The construction of these mats is different than most other entryway floor mats – they can both wash easily with a machine and resist standing water.

It’s a good choice for your kitchen as it absorbs dirt and mudd, has rubber backing so don’t worry about those slippery places. Your family can stand on this mat with comfort because it is soft and at the same time durable. This entry mat comes in a different colors to choose from and you can buy it by length as well.

This is the product which is more polished for peoples who are working at home or in other places with kitchens. The company has a warranty and provides exchanges if it was damaged or affected.

For example, it can be integrated into malls, restaurants, banks, hotels and many other venues. It is common to find a 5ft x 3ft mat at these types of locations.

  • One of the best qualities you want in your entry mats is durability and stain resistance.
  • Commercial grade ridged construction enables comprehensive trapping of dirt and moisture.
  • A well-engineered border on the mat keeps dirt and moisture from leaking through.
  • With sizes available in 3 feet, 4 feet and 5 feet.
  • Deep grooves in modern wood floors can make it difficult to clean the surface.
  • These entryway mats are very expensive

Cosyearn Jumbo Size Outdoor Indoor Entrance Doormat:

The mat is constructed solidly, and it includes a high-quality mesh on the top layer that can capture pet litter along with dirt and mud stuck in shoes. This makes this particular entry mat a bit special because it has some unique benefits for pets at home.

It is a great addition to your home interior and can be placed at the garage entrance as it has high resistance against tensile loading.

For composing this mat, the company has used PVC, BPA-free and latex-free materials which also hold up well under most demanding environmental conditions. The mat won’t let any rainfall damage its surface – it’s waterproof! It would work well outdoors too – just make sure you don’t forget to place it in a sheltered location so that this entry mat lasts longer than expected.

This mat is large and can be used in multiple areas around the house. It’s very easy to maintain once dirty you can hose or vacuum it clean again. Be careful not to over-machine wash the color off of it, as that will lead to wear and tear faster than usual!

The mats are designed for indoor or outdoor use. Each mat is 45-inches by 35-inch and can easily be washed with warm water, soap and a mild detergent blended specifically for deep cleaning. Most people don’t experience any rug slip on wet surfaces of the hardwood floor or make these effective non-slip mats slippery at all.

New house owners often do not pay attention to the sometimes hidden aspects of their homes. Kitchen mats are one such detail that many people tend ignore. Wooden floors require a specific type of mat, which can be bought at any supermarket or DIY store for as little as five pounds.

The mat company provides a warranty and is especially useful for vinyl floors. If the mats are damaged or affected, they should be exchanged with a new or refund.

  • This mat is made of a top-quality material and free of toxins.
  • Deep grooves and a tough, mesh surface capture even the smallest particles of dirt, dust, and mud that can otherwise be difficult to clean.
  • The cover is very wide and covers a large area.
  • Easy to clean and inexpensive
  • The appearance of the mat is unattractive

Sierra Concepts Indoor Mats for Wooden Floor:

Sierra Concepts entry mats are designed with durable ribbed polyester for the top and rubber material as a base. This tough design will protect your hardwood flooring and ensure it is in pristine condition regardless of the abuse that may come from outside or dust tracked in by family members. Pick up one today!

It comes in a size range of 30×17 inches, which is clearly smaller when considered to be used outdoors. For this purpose, Sierra has introduced a dual-deal, where you get two similar doormats on a slightly lower cost price.

Giving your customers a free 10-year warranty is actually just marketing. However, you can’t argue with the efficiency and performance of these entry mats! The whole set comes backed by a ten-year guarantee – if it doesn’t perform as expected simply return for a new one.

The mat is easy to clean too as it can be washed by machine.

Another great feature about the mat that you don’t get in any old mat is its strength against harsh conditions like rain and UV rays, so your floor will stay clean no matter what!

The non slip surface makes this a safe doormat for everyone- not just children, but elderly people too.

It’s time to invest in some quality, heavy duty floor mats! These indoor outdoor ribbed polyester door mats are durable and easy to maintain. They’ll get rid of dirt and debris before they can scratch up your floors. Plus their double-layered design will protect against any spills or accidents that may happen outside the house as well so you don’t have to worry about anything getting through these high quality rugs!

Environmentally Friendly Doormats: The large mats are made of high quality polyester and recycled rubber, including non slip rubber backing to prevent moisture leaks while keeping the mat in place.

Ideal Mat Use: Indoor or outdoor use; kitchen flooring protection when it’s not being used for a dishwasher area; side entryways, front door entrances, hallways that see traffic volume increase during holiday seasons—perfect for reducing dirt from shoes. Bring your home décor touch to the entryway with our Front Door Floor Mats!

  • The Better Homes and Gardens Premium Mat is made of quality rubber and polyester.
  • Hardwood floor entry mats offer a ribbed design.
  • The rubber backing ensures safety on hardwood floors.
  • The difficult part about this rug, as with any other entry mat, is just keeping it clean.
  • Instead of mats, a clear plastic runner is lightweight and not perfect for windy areas.
  • One drawback of these mats is the limited size and color options.

Refetone Non Slip Entryway Mat:

If you want to say goodbye to the frustration of having pet and human hair everywhere, one solution is investing in a good entry mat.

The best doormat for hardwood floors, which consists of 55% cotton and 45% microfiber, has the power to trap almost all types of dirt and slush.

The polypropylene material is extremely soft, so can be used inside a house as well. It’s available in lengths of about 20 inches with a width of 31.5 inches and thickness less than 1 inch, making it very easy to open the door over it.

This entrance mat is especially great for wet feet.

The rubberized backing helps to avoid slippage and trips more than standard mats, but be careful! Never place it on tile floor or you may risk a fall. A better option would either be to use this product over hardwood floors or textured surfaces.

Creative and elegant design, these anti-fatigue kitchen mats for hardwood floors are guaranteed to have your feet feeling rested. The mats feature ultrafine fibers with a variety of applications in both indoor and outdoor settings. With the ability to withstand heavy duty use in commercial areas, banks, etc., these mats last long proving their high quality product at a reasonable price.

These mats are easy to clean and prevent you from stepping on dirt and other foreign particles. They are primarily used in the kitchen but can also be placed outside of entrance for added safety. Kitchen runner protectors provide extra protection from slipping accidents, as well as increase comfort.

The product comes with a money-back guarantee for long periods of time, is easy to clean in the washing machine, and does not require too much maintenance.

  • Floors that are safe for pets and kids
  • TRP’s non-skid grip will prevent your mat from slipping around, even on hardwood floors.
  • This entry mat is made from extremely durable fibers that will absorb mud, water, and dirt.
  • Machine washable & easy to clean
  • A big logo on the front of a mat looks bad.
  • These entry mats are not designed for high-traffic areas.

Color&Geometry Front Doormat for Hard Floor:

Best Entry Mats for Hardwood Floors is a common article to design door mats. It is woven of polypropylene and soft fiber so that it can be used in modern life. The size from 32 inches to 59 inches makes the mat suitable for all doors, including kitchen and gallery doors, ensuring your home always smells fresh.

100% lifetime guarantee with no hidden charges means this protector has a moisture proof membrane as well as antimicrobial protection, which prevents you from allergies or diseases being brought inside through the doors or entranceways via contaminated shoes.

The high-grade backing lets the mat stay put no matter how much you walk on it. Rubberized ridges and grooves scrape off dirt from shoes while trapping hair, pet litter, or any other debris. This mat doesn’t work as well with liquid spills like coffee but is great for collecting lots of dirt.

If you’re looking to keep your hardwood floors clean, then this is the litter mat to try. It’s great for pet owners because it’s machine washable and strong enough to withstand the abuse shelled out by kitty kicks!

If you are looking for a doormat that can help you in multiple ways, this doormat is the best option for you. With its convenient features, it will help clean your house or office.

One of the most impressive features of this product is that it can absorb dirt and moisture. The double-layer technology will make sure the dirt and water from shoes quickly gets absorbed into the mat.

it will protect your floor from dirt, water, grit and so on. It can be cleaned easily, too. Fabric design will allow you to clean this mat with ease.

  • The lightweight doormat is crafted from polyester and polypropylene, making it incredibly durable.
  • This house mat will enhance the elegance of your room. Install this fashionable base at your entrance for some extra style.
  • It consists of a high-quality material that offers the highest level of grip. It also prevents leakage and water seepage.
  • At this time, no significant disadvantages have been found.

SlipToGrip Washable Indoor Mat Review:

This doormat comes up with numerous ingenious features, including strong suction power, perfect skid resistance, and outstanding quality construction.

It is composed of polyester mesh material that gives your feet a cushioned, refreshing feeling. It can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes but should ideally not be placed on the balcony due to its thin design.

The mat is available in an extra-large size that covers up a large area, which means dirt and dust will not find their way to the floor. There are four standard color options to choose from so you can match your new mat with your existing floor decoration. The soft polypropylene fiber of the mat is easy to clean, you just need to spray water all over it for it turn completely free from dirt.

The rubber backing on the entry mat gives it a sturdy base that can withstand weight and won’t let it tear apart during challenging conditions. Unlike many other mats, this one does not come with hair trap features which means you have to take care of those pet or human hairs yourself!

The mat may show creases on opening as the company does not fold the mats but rolls them up for shipping. However, wrinkles can be smoothed out after 24 hours by placing the mat flat or hanging it so that gravity gradually pulls out all the wrinkles.

Mats will keep your entranceway clean and dry so that you can enjoy a safe, healthy home. Inside Door Mats or Outside Door Mat’s water-repelling fabric is made with soft polypropylene fiber (soft rubber material) for drying after spraying the mat down through it to remove dirt and other foreign particles from shoes in just seconds. With no need for bending over while scrubbing away at stubborn stains on our flooring surfaces, these mats are an easy way of keeping yourself upright without being sore!

  • Dragging dirt on your hardwood floor? Mesh design captures more.
  • The nonslip surface provides a more comfortable feel for walking on hardwood floors
  • Waterproof and moisture resistant, this mat is one of the top choices for hardwood floors.
  • Large and wide, it can be used at entrances, patios, garages. It can make a safe location near your exterior entrance.
  • The mat is thinner and lighter, taking up less space in the entryway.

Things To Consider Before Purchase (Buyer’s Guide)

If you have a tiled floor in your kitchen, this mat is perfect. It will protect the surface of your hardwood floors from mud and dust particles. It features a superior ability to absorb water when people are standing on it. There is also an option for runner rug or runner mats depending on what kind of living space you want to create.

These entry mats are easy to clean and dry. You can wash them in a washing machine with warm water. They also do not create smells because they are very humid, and the floor is safe as well.

TIP: If you have sensitive skin, try fuzzy for the best results!

Plush Doormats

If you are constantly walking dirt and debris into your house, it may be time to install a doormat. There are various mats available that each has its own unique advantage for hardwood flooring. If your pets frequently come in with wet paws, there are squishy rug options that can absorb the water altogether.

These rugs are often machine washable and dryer safe, so they are easy to keep clean. They don’t do a great job at getting rid of mud or grit, which means that the rug will need to be washed frequently (often time on a weekly basis). However, they definitely protect your floors from getting scratched up while giving it some style.

Heavy duty Doormats

If you’re constantly mopping up water when you walk into your home, heavy duty doormats can be very helpful. These door mats for hardwood floors are perfect at trapping water and dirt to minimize the amount of moping necessary.

Some of these door mats even come with a rubber border outside to hold water inside the mat. We love the durability and ability they have to keep your floors dry, but they probably aren’t as easy to clean

than other types of entry mats which you can just pop in the wash.


These kitchen rugs for wood floors are made from quality materials. They’re made of cotton and microfiber, which makes them both traditional looking and well-suited to hardwood floors. Choose the perfect size depending on your needs whether it be one or two mats for a small space or several larger sizes for a large room. Kitchen rugs come in different shapes too, so that you can find your desired look with little fuss! Most customers love these mats because they offer all this choice with great features at an affordable price point.

Mats for hardwood floors are an essential part of any place that relies on this type of surface to reduce scratches and prevent slips. Quality mats will be comfortable as well as durable, but buyers should inspect carefully before making a purchase.

Traditional Rugs

You can stop mud and dirt damaging your hardwood flooring by installing a doormat in front of the door. However, with this solution you have few options for color or design and rugs may not stay as clean as you’d like them to be. Rug installation is an option, although they risk becoming stained and damaged much quicker than a mat would.


Be sure that you measure how much clearance there is under the door so you can select a product with the appropriate height. If your clearance is low, for instance if there is only 1 inch (2.5 cm) of space beneath your threshold, avoid thin doormats or mats that may get stuck as they slide back when opened; consider choosing one with a latex- or rubber-based material on which to place it instead. This will help ensure that it won’t curl up and prevent people from entering their home after opening the doorway.

Avoid the rubber Mats in winter:

During the winter, you should avoid rubber mats for your hardwood floors. Rubber becomes more rigid and contracts during winter months.

Rubber floor mats are an inexpensive way to protect hardwood floors while still providing grip and a long lifespan.

In order to maintain beneficial insulation for the whole home, rubber matting should always remain indoors during winter.

Why should you need the best entry mats for hardwood floors?

Before you buy a mat for your hardwood floor, there are some important factors to keep in mind. Floors like wood floors have natural boosts and aesthetic advantages but they come with real drawbacks too – most importantly that they are tough to clean. So, be sure you’re buying the right kind of product before you buy it!

Mats can help preserve your hardwood floor from scratches caused by dirt or debris when people walk on them and they can also prevent liquids like water or coffee spreading onto other areas (e.g., rugs, carpets) if someone spills something as well as save them time spent cleaning afterwards.

It will keep your indoors clean:

The most important reason to buy an entry mat is for the hardwood floors. It’s one of the safest ways to keep your home clean.

There are many sources of dust in your house: outside, coatrooms, bathrooms, pets, messy kids and more. Your entry mat will protect your home from getting dirty by trapping dirt on the surface before it gets inside. If you think about purchasing a door mat it would be a wise decision considering how much time they last and how often they’re used!

It will maintain the condition of the floor:

For the best condition for a floor, it is vital to buy an entry mat. The mats might cost some money, but it ensures that your floors will be in good shape. When you are considering buying an entry mat, we suggest getting one that is made of rubber so they will not scratch your floor like other materials may do-especially if you have hardwood floors.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Are Waterhog mats safe for hardwood floors?

WaterHog entry door mats for wooden floor is a durable mat constructed with ridges, an effective design to collect dirt and mud. It also has a non-slip backing which will keep you safely away from slippery floors

What kind of rug is best for hardwood floors?

When decorating and furnishing your space, always consider the quality of materials. Wool carpets are charming not only because they’re made from luxurious wool but also because they’re easy to clean. Silk carpets come in an array of colors and styles which may be better suited for spaces that will see a lot of activity such as children’s rooms or living areas with many visitors. And cotton rugs? Cotton can bring you comfort in more ways than one when it comes to the entry way mats you use–these work great anywhere!

Do I have to clean them regularly?

One of the best options for entrance matting is to clean your mats regularly. Your mat will not only last longer but will also look better with less germs and specks of dust, all due to regular cleaning.

Many people are unable to find time to care for entrance mats because of commitments at work . For those who cannot clean their mats as often as recommended, a great solution may be to just do it once or twice a week; this will keep both your entrance mat and your home much cleaner!


When considering which entry mats to buy for your hardwood floors, consider the amount of clearance you have in front of your door to make sure you get a mat or rug that will fit under it.

Make the decision before deciding on an entry mat for hardwood floors according to your needs. We’ve done the work and narrowed it down to 8 of them, making your choice somewhat easier. Read more about 10 Best Chair Mat for Heavy Person.

We hope this list of best entry mats for hardwood floors has helped you in your search. If not, let us know what other types of flooring material you’ve found difficult to work with and we can try to find a solution. Happy shopping!

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