Best Foam Floor Mats for Babies

Best Foam Floor Mats for Babies 2023 (Reviews)

Do you have an infant or toddler who is crawling? If so, it’s important to find the best foam floor mats for babies. These are designed specifically with infants and toddlers in mind. Whether you’re looking for a playmat that your child can crawl on, a protector to put under your high chair, or any other type of mat, we’ll give you some help below!

We’ve compiled six reviews of Best Foam Floor Mats For Babies. We’ll go through each one in detail so that you can decide which ones are the best fit for your needs and budget. Below will be some helpful information on what these mats provide as well as links to purchase them online if desired.

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For this year, we assembled over a dozen play mats to test. We tested them on hardwood floors, tile, and carpet. Walking on them, crawling on them, doing some tummy time, and spilling all over them! By the end of testing, we had four favorites.

Some playmats are softer and more durable than others, some have lower odor and off-gassing (meeting or exceeding safety standards), some can be played on with a variety of different materials, and some are made with higher quality manufacturing practices.

If you’re looking to save a little money, tile-style play mats are less expensive than roll-up carpet play mats.

List of Best Foam Floor Mats for Babies:

MQIAOHAM playmat Foam Play Tiles Interlocking Play Mat:

The MQIAOHAM playmat Foam Play Tiles Interlocking Play Mat has 87CM x 172 CM, perfect for tumbling and small games. Made from high-quality EVA foam, and easy to clean with steam.

The MQIAOHAM playmat Foam Play Tiles Interlocking Play Mat is designed for both children at home or in gyms due to the foldable design that makes it suitable for storing away when not in use. Let the kids have tons of fun playing hide-and-seek on this large mat!

Safety is the number one concern when thinking about your child and what they are exposed to while playing. The MQIAOHAM Play Mat is made from soft, safe, durable foam and it meets all international safety standards.

Laid out and ready for use in 15 minutes flat, the mat can accommodate a variety of activities including role play, imaginative play, building blocks games, or a mathematical challenges solo event. Four mats need so you can move them around as you choose – find your special space now! Best of all? Every inch edges rounded with no sharp points or corners; just non-toxic peace of mind.

The MQIAOHAM foam tiles range is suitable for floor protection, exercise, yoga, and other activities. The 1 cm thick mats are made of LDPE and polyester. They make a durable surface that provides cushioning to walk on without sacrificing durability. These foams are resistant to sliding in order to protect surfaces from damage. 

  • They are high-quality and thick to provide a safe landing spot for the baby when they roll over.
  • We found the product to be quite effective in our church nursery.
  • Some sizing issues from big to small.

Tadpoles Soft EVA Foam 36 Piece ABC Playmat Set:

Tadpoles Soft EVA Foam 36 Piece ABC Playmat Set is perfect for new and more experienced builders alike. You don’t have to worry about painting, cutting, or even finding all the pieces you need when this kit comes with everything right out of the box.

The set includes 36 foam pieces with removable shaped centers and 24 border pieces. Each square measures 12.” As pictured, the set covers a surface area measuring 3′ x 3′ which is enough space to cover an entire living room floor for playtime! Tadpoles have made sure that this has been designed from toddlers up in mind; it’s soft so your child won’t miss any teeth on those game-ending edge pieces!

Tadpoles can be combined in any way you like to create your perfect look. From the most basic of ABC mat mats to a fun design with alphabet letters circling stars, there is an option for every kid.

Tadpoles Soft EVA Foam 36 Piece ABC Playmat Set is 100% EVA foam that’s soft and durable enough for kids’ imaginations to grow without damaging the floor beneath their feet.

These safe, non-toxic mats also have been tested and certified by independent third-party labs as lead-free, locking out harmful chemicals before they get into little hands or mouths.

It may seem small at first but covering larger areas or combining multiple sets together will provide hours more entertainment – an imaginative child’s best friend!

With each letter of the alphabet already labeled–just peel and stick to your floor–including familiar objects like a cat, chair, cow, or car, Tadpoles Soft EVA Foam 36 Piece ABC Playmat Set provides toddler-sized children with hours of endless fun.

  • They’ll develop balance quick, and it’s a good product.
  • The best aspect of this flooring is how easy it is to clean up.
  • There are no significant drawbacks to using foam floor mats.

Regalo Sensory & Learning My Play Mat:

Tired of not having room for the toys your kids love to play with? Now you can include a gorgeous, soft, and comfortable place they can enjoy. Regalo feels like one giant pillow and is perfect for large or small spaces.

Easily adjust this mat to cover spaces up to 70-inches wide by 71-inches long and fully grown children will still have plenty of extra room! Made from high quality foam that is both durable and super soft so it’s safe for even babies too young to move around on their own.

The Regalo Sensory and Learning Play Mat is the perfect way for kids to have fun and learn while they play. This mat has a wheeled case, convenient carry strap, reverses from plain to surrounded by stimulating symbols like numbers and letters A-Z, and folds down into a compact size when not in use so it’s easy to store away until the next time.

The sensory side of this mat with be sure your child enjoys their time playing on it while those educational raised symbols are going give them the opportunity to build vocabulary or learn basic math skills. Get ready for hours of learning playtime fun!

The Regalo Sensory & Learning My Play Mat is the only mat that has been tested and approved by the ASTM, which means it’s safe for children! The playmat features a non-toxic play surface (soft yet durable) perfect for use at home or on the go. It also folds up easily to fit with your Regalo 192-inch or My Play folding play yard.

When you need something more than just a mat in your favorite place to spend time with your favorite people, this water-resistant and foldable mat is here to save the day! Bring some fun into doing chores around the house without breaking a sweat when you switch off with an active toddler now playing self.

  • It is soft and comfortable enough for kids to play on.
  • The foam mat is colorful, which makes it engaging for small children.
  • There are no significant drawbacks to using Regalo Sensory & Learning My Play Mat.
  • This product provides a space where toddlers can enjoy playing with their toys

Childlike Behavior Baby Play Mat

Do you have the floor space for all of your crawling, rolling, and tummy time needs? If not, then Childlike Behavior’s extra-large baby play mat is just what you need! Designed to bring more beauty into your home nursery. But don’t stop there – our stylish modern design also help calm and soothe.

With thirty-four 5x5in square foam tiles on this 6ft x 4ft waterproof mat that it both colorful and durable, it’s easy to clean with mild soap and water or a spray cleaner made specifically for cleaning up Floors. We want every parent out there who has a crawler in their household to be able to enjoy enriching learning experiences with their child in safe surroundings.

This mat is made of high-quality foam and comfortable fabric for a cooler play zone. Its size is perfect for crawling or playing on all fours, with plenty of room to roll around. We even put in grab handles to make it easy to pick up and move! You’ll love how soft they are – as if your baby were sleeping on their pillow.

The lightweight material makes them great for travel too, so these mats can go from kitchen floor to playground with ease! Keep your little one off the cold hard ground and find comfort no matter where you are.

Our Play Mat is toddler safe, great for when you’re on the go with your little one, and easy to clean. Non Toxic playmats are a parent’s best friend! 

Come in different colors of vibrant reds, bright yellows or cheery greens safely get kids crawling around with minimal worry about spills or stains. Play Mats are durable and will stay looking new giving your baby room to grow – meaning it grows with your child all the way through preschool age! With our guaranteed protection against product defects like all our other products for toddlers (and now mommies), this mat represents excellent value at an unbeatable price point!

  • The design is beautiful and the mat itself is colorful, durable, and soft.
  • The pattern goes well with the family room decor.
  • The durability of this product may not be up to par with some other products on our list.

Baby Care Play Mat – Haute Collection:

This mat has a beautiful and functional design with an easy to wipe clean surface. The playmat is perfect for indoor or outdoor use! Best of all, our foams are waterproof so you don’t have to worry about your little one’s clothes getting wet from that spilled milk.

We recommend this product for its excellent durability, child-friendly features, and value price point – we’ll even provide a hassle-free warranty against defects in materials or workmanship!

Enjoy smarter, safer playtime with the launch of baby care’s newest product. Baby Care Play Mat-Haute Collection is made from all-natural materials and includes a convenient bag for transportation and storage.

Keep your little ones feeling safe with its high-quality designs that will not easily rip or tear, perfect for stretched-out tummy time or infant adventures in crawling and rolling!

It’s sized just like a queen-size mattress at twin layer height to provide plenty of room for floor activities! Reasonably priced so you can afford to get two and create the ultimate safari experience at home.

The Baby Care Play Mat provides an excellent spot for babies to explore with their senses and watch TV. With easy-to-clean surfaces, two sides of different colors and textures to keep your little one entertained, this mat is geared towards learning during playtime!

Free from harmful chemicals found in many other baby products, you can feel confident that your child will be safest when playing on the mat.

Marketlab has worked closely with manufacturers overseas as well as here locally to produce this high-quality product at a low cost.

  • The colors are vibrant, the foam pieces are durable, it folds up easily on top of other surfaces, and is lightweight enough to carry around the house.
  • It’s so nice to have the option of using both sides and the quality is great!
  • There may be some adverse effects when using certain types of flooring material like hard

beiens Baby Play Mat, Portable Folding Extra Large Baby Crawling Mat

This mat is made with safe materials that are non-toxic in order to give your child a healthy place to play. The soft foam material will be comfortable as they crawl around the floor playing or taking naps on this mat!

Experience the excitement of crawling with your little crawler! The Beiens baby play mat is a durable, lightweight mat that’s perfect for keeping your child safe and comfortable while they explore. The soft XPE foam has no sharp corners or edges to hurt their curious hands and knees. They’ll love how every inch can be explored safely on this colorful playmat.

It even folds up easily so it’s great for taking along in the car, carrying back and forth from grandma’s house, or over when company drops by unexpectedly! You’ll want to clear space in your home just for them- but don’t worry about cleaning up after them- the fabric part of these mats is machine washable, too!

The beiens Baby Play Mat, Portable Folding Extra Large Baby Crawling Mat are the safest and most comfortable flooring for your baby. The mat measure 77 x 70 inches which is perfect for any size of the room, no matter how small or large it may feel!

A stand-out design on both sides makes this mat a great choice! With its thick carpet construction of 0.4-inch thickness, you can be sure to keep your children comfortable as they play in that wonderful patch of woodland with the pretty rabbit’s child in their hand and all kinds of other animals waddling over to greet them.

The portable beiens Baby Play Mat is a large, easy-to-store mat for providing an escape from tough terrain. Water will not soak through the mat, so it’s always ready to go for the baby!

  • Colorful and textured, washable material on the mat surface
  • This is very well made, easy to clean, and folds up like a champ!
  • If you want a thick cushion, you’ll be unsatisfied.

Buying Guide Of best floor mat for babies:

Type: The type of floor mat you need is dependent on the size and shape. For an infant, a rectangular or square-shaped mat will work best because they’re easy to transport and store.

Play Material: Best Floor Mats for Babies should have soft play material that’s safe for crawling babies like foam with no sharp edges!

Size Of Mat: Make sure your baby has plenty of room to crawl around by getting a larger-sized mat so they can explore all different sensations in their surroundings as well as get their exercise while doing it.

Design: Best Foam Floor Mats For Babies should have a design that’s fun and appealing to babies, so they’ll be happy to play on it.

hurt on the hard floor. The best foam floor mats are made with high-quality materials

Durability: Best Floors Mat for Baby needs to be durable enough to last as long as your baby can crawl!

Reusability: Best Floor Mats For Babies are easier than ever before! If you’re looking for something easy-to-store after use, look at folding mats or even ones with handles that make carrying them around much more convenient.

Safety: Best Floor Mats need safety features like non-toxic material and no sharp edges from foam pieces.

Cost And Value: The cost of the mat is dependent on its size, durability, comfort level

Water-resistant: ​Floor Mats need to be water-resistant so you don’t have any fears of it becoming a pool after your baby has a drink and pours it on the mat

Extra features: Best Floor Mats should come with extra features like handle, foldability, anti-slip bottom for best floor mats!

Frequently Asked Questions

Top features Of a floor mat for babies?

Anti-slip backing, water-resistant and color make the most popular features for a floor mat.

There are many options to choose from in terms of what makes a specific floor mat superior. To know which one is best for you, keep these three aspects in mind – non-toxic materials used, quality and safety tested frame structure that won’t damage the mat surface and dirt PVC made of food-grade plastic material.

Non-toxic materials include shrinkable foam to prevent kids from sliding or falling off on smooth floors or traction mats with two different surfaces and feels depending on your needs. Quality means that it should be sturdy enough so it will take hold while big objects are placed on top of it without any worries

Why do we recommend those floor mats for babies?

It is important to have appropriate flooring in a baby’s room. You want it to be soft, but still firm so that if your little one should happen to fall backward or rollover, they do not hit their head against the hard floor surface below and injure themselves.

I am familiar with mothers who have babies rolling around the house and falling down from daya of crawling or cruising! These mats are best for thick carpets because it provides extra grip so your baby will not slip when on something like tile or wood floors (depending on how frequently you clean them). Moreover, we recommend some type of air circulation-lover that will help keep their skin dry as well. But remember – never leave your child unattended.

How to Choose a floor mat for babies?

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right floor mat for your baby, including your baby’s activity level, how much time you spend indoors during the day, and what kind of surface you have in your home.

The type of surface that is under carpeting can affect the durability of a floor mat. The softer or more plushy-like a carpet is, typically the less wear and tear a floor mat will experience during use. You should also choose an appropriate size for your needs and think about whether you want one that folds up or not. All in all, price doesn’t always matter if it isn’t going to fit well into your household situation. Remember that there are many different types of mats.

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Wrapping up

The best foam floor mats for babies are those that provide a padded surface to protect your child from the hard ground. But this is just one of many considerations before purchasing these products.

For example, you should also consider how durable it will be in comparison to other options on the market and if it can be easily cleaned or not. If you have any queries or suggestions please let us know in the comments below!

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