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Best Truck Bed Mats in 2023 (Review & Buying Guide)

Truck bed liners and mats are essential for any truck owner. Not only do they protect the interior of your truck from dirt, scratches, and other damage but they also provide you with a safe place to store different items in your truck bed.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to best suit your needs. In this article, we will go over the 8 best truck bed mats that you can buy on Amazon!

Why truck bed mats are important? truck bed mats are important for any truck owner because they protect your truck from dirt, scratches, and other damage. They also provide you with a safe place to store different items in your truck bed.

Buying a good truck mat is also important as it provides the best protection for your cargo and protects the flooring of your vehicle while being easy to clean with soap, water, and a towel. It offers great traction so items in your back.

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Therefore, today we will examine some of the best truck bed mats available in the market. And not only is that, but we will also discuss how to buy and use these products for optimum results. Let’s take a look!

Our Top Picks

List of Best Truck Bed Mats in 2023

  1. Motor Trend Premium FlexTough All-Protection Cargo Mat Liner
  2. Husky Liners – Heavy Duty Bed Mat
  3. Westin Rubber Truck Bed Mat
  4. Dee Zee DZ87005 Heavyweight Bed Mat
  5. SMARTLINER Truck Rugged Rubber Bed Mat
  6. Genuine Toyota Accessories PT580-35050-LB Bed Mat
  7. Dee Zee DZ86917 Heavyweight Bed Mat
  8. Westin 50-6385 Black Truck Bed Mat

1. Motor Trend Premium FlexTough All-Protection Cargo Mat Liner:

The Motor Trend Premium FlexTough All-Protection Cargo Mat Liner is the perfect addition to your car. With Advanced Performance Rubber Polymers that are tested for extreme conditions, our mat liner will not crack, splinter, or deform due to temperature fluctuations (between -40 degrees Fahrenheit and 176 degrees Fahrenheit) so you can feel confident that spills from your dog’s water dish are shielded from harming the floor of your vehicle with rubberized nibs on the bottom to keep it securely in place and ergonomic grooves on top to give relief from foot discomfort.

Made up of superior quality materials that get rid of any slippery surface, this product also has a high resistance against dirt and grime as well as UV protection which preserves its color set over time

With all the benefits that Cargo Liners offer, and Motor Trend Premium FlexTough All-Protection Cargo Mat Liner’s 54″L x 37″W (Max) dimensions designed for compatibility with vehicles of all shapes and sizes–choose protection over spills and stains. Designed to fit your vehicle’s floor contours without any cutting or trimming.

Motor Trend Premium FlexTough All-Protection Cargo Mat Liner is the perfect solution for when you’ve got a moving van to pack up. Made of tough 4mm thick rubber similar to what’s used on your food-preparation floors, this cargo mat will take all that rain, snow, mud, and more without giving an inch. Arches made from high-quality plastic ensure no-slip or sliding while feeding in through windows down into trunks and boots before kids pour their cereal all over it!

  • Great quality with multiple use case.
  • Protects vehicle from dirty and spills.
  • Easy installation with no cutting or trimming needed for many different types of vehicles, including SUVs and pick-ups.
  • Some people find it too expensive in comparison to other brands on the market; however, this product is very good in terms of quality.

2. Husky Liners – Heavy Duty Bed Mat :

Husky Liners are best for everything from protecting your truck bed to hauling work tools and equipment. They’re tough, flexible, impact-resistant, and completely waterproof too! What’s more, is that they offer peace of mind by preventing rusting due to sweat seeping through the floorboards or any other type of water damage thanks to a patented rubberized material with best in class chemical resistance.

Plus Husky Heavy Duty Bed Mat has a ribbed textured surface that will provide you with secure footing when loading cargo while also being as easy on your feet as possible no matter how long it takes–even if you’ve got shoes on! With their custom-fit design (69 x 12 x 12 inches), these heavy-duty mats come pre-cut so there.

The Heavy Duty Bed Mat by Husky Liners is the product that will make sure your cargo stays in place while you keep on trucking. It has a heavy-duty coating to protect from damage and it features an anti-skid DuraGrip HD surface to secure any items you’re hauling. With so many uses, this mat is a must for truckers and those with hobbies like gardening or woodworking. 

This heavy-duty bed mat keeps your truck’s carpet from getting damp and protects it from dirt as well. The Husky Liners Heavy-Duty Bed Mat is made of environmentally safe materials, so you shouldn’t worry about it creating an unsafe working experience when you’re transporting a load.

Plus, the air dry nibs act as an elevated surface throughout the mat that allows air to pass through unimpeded so moisture dries quickly for ensured slip resistance. Finally, just look at how great this thing smells: they smell like nothing with a splash of delight!

Easily upgrade your truck’s bed with this Heavy-Duty Bed Mat from Husky Liners.

100% water and chemical resistant, our mat is best suited for use in harsh conditions like mud, ice, and snow. The mat features a non-skid Pearl Scented backing that helps prevent cargo slippage during transport.

This innovative design also offers maximum durability to protect the surface of your pickup truck’s finish job. Available on numerous popular models you’ll find that it’s easy to install or remove in just seconds!

  • Very durable.
  • Great for use in harsh conditions that other mats can’t handle.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Some people have reported that it’s too difficult to clean.

3. Westin Rubber Truck Bed Mat:

Constructed of durable rubber and thick foam, the Truck Bed Mat is best-suited for hauling cargo like heavy tools and equipment. It’s also great at protecting your truck bed from moisture seeping through cracks or other types of water damage thanks to a patented rubberized material with best in class chemical resistance!

The mat features a non-skid textured surface that will provide you secure footing when loading while being as easy on your feet as possible no matter how long it takes–even if you’ve got shoes on! And with its custom-fit design (5.5ft Bed), this heavy-duty mat comes pre-cut so there’s never any cutting or trimming needed for most common pickup trucks out there.

The Westin rubber truck bed mat is a heavy-duty, ribbed vehicle protection solution for those who work in a rugged environment. The nonslip surface provides excellent grip even when there is mud or snow on your truck’s floor surface, and its width of 3′ makes it great as a subfloor too!

Buy one today and make sure you don’t have to worry anymore about dirt getting into your rolling cargo because this will protect it all from inside out.

It stretches to fit any size or shape of the truck bed, stays in place with molded grips on the bottom edges, and is washable by hose.

Don’t get your truck tar, dirt, and dust all over your bed! Keep yourself free from the needless mess with this Westin Truck Bed Mat. Made of 100% recycled rubber, it won’t scratch or scuff surfaces in the bed of your truck.

Featuring a replaceable fabric liner to provide extra protection against debris through its entire life span, you’ll never have to worry about replacing this mat again – saving money on labor costs as well! Save the old mat for use underneath vehicles if necessary- there’s always a spot for when this one wears out!

  • Very durable and won’t scratch or scuff surfaces.
  • It’s made of 100% recycled rubber so it doesn’t pollute the environment.
  • Proudly Made in USA! Fits any size or shape of truck bed
  • Packaging was dirty and had some obvious molding defects.

4. Dee Zee DZ87005 Heavyweight Bed Mat:

The Dee Zee DZ87005 Heavyweight Bed Mat features a non-skid textured surface that will provide you secure footing when loading while being as easy on your feet as possible no matter how long it takes–even if you’ve got shoes on! And with its custom-fit design (57in Bed), this heavy-duty mat comes pre-cut so there’s never any cutting or trimming needed for most common pickup trucks out there.

No more shifting bins in your truck bed or muffled exhaust pipes: Dee Zee’s Heavyweight Bed Mat features arch-shaped ends and tough 9.52mm rubber to keep that cargo in place.

This all-weather mat is constructed from puncture-resistant .375″ (9.52 mm) rubber compound with deep grooves to trap water, mud, dirt, and any other debris you didn’t plan on picking up on the way home after a long day at work.

With this mat under your load, you can relax knowing it won’t budge an inch – protecting the interior of your truck as well as its resale value for years to come!

The Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat offers the highest level of constant durability and convenient mobility.

With reinforced seams to anchor it in place, this bed mat is not only top-of-the-line quality but an affordable option for a long-term solution against damaging spills. Plus, our plywood skid plate protects your tailgate from scratches on even the toughest terrain.

Best of all? Unlike some competitors’ mats, we eliminate rotting due to exposure with a high-density polyethylene material that won’t crack in extreme weather conditions – so whatever you experience outside or spill when camping, you can rest assured your cargo will stay safe inside!

This heavy-duty mat provides a sure grip over any terrain and is designed to accommodate all-wheel well shapes. Quick and easy to install, it offers custom fit applications that contour around wheel wells for a perfect fit.

It also adds protection against scratches or abrasions from rocks or other debris while providing the durability of rubber construction.

  • It’s best truck bed mat.
  • Non-skid textured surface will provide you secure footing when loading and is easy on your feet too!
  • Seems to be a bit expensive for the size of it but if it lasts long, then worth every penny spent.

5. SMARTLINER Truck Rugged Rubber Bed Mat:

Keep your truck bed clean with the SMARTLINER Truck Rugged Rubber Bed Mat! Made of heavy-duty .375″ (the best thickness for longevity), these mats are designed to be long-lasting and easy on any surface.

Protect your truck bed and reduce tailgate scratches as well as avoid costly repairs while customizing the look of your vehicle with these rugged rubber mats – Trucks can be a rugged lifestyle, which means that there can easily be damage to floors.

Protect your car interior from water, ice, dirt, and debris. The raised rib design prevents ground in soil from getting around this mat. Customize the overall look of any pickup truck or SUV with these all-weather rubber mats that are tough yet stylish at the same time.

When your truck is your livelihood, it’s important to protect the carpet floor that protects everything you own.

With a heavy-duty rubber mat custom fit to perfectly match the contours of your trunk and tailgate area, SMARTLINER Truck Rugged Rubber Bed Mat gives you peace of mind knowing spill and messes are stopped in their tracks for easy cleanup time after time.

The lip at the end defends against overage spills just like saucers on furniture. Plus, the textured skid-proof surface easily wipes clean with soap and water or hosing off for tougher jobs like spilled oils and greases – even vomit!

Protecting your truck bed from scratches, scrapes, and bumps is essential to the look of your vehicle. The SMARTLINER Truck Rugged Rubber Bed Mat requires no modifications to install and will fit rear-area beds perfectly.

A modern style with durable lines makes it a great addition to any serious driver’s garage. Don’t take chances on scratched or damaged fiberglass again!

  • Rugged rubber construction provides best bed mat for truck protection.
  • Textured surface is easy to clean and protects your cargo from dirt, water or snow!
  • It doesn’t work if your truck have bedliner.

6. Genuine Toyota Accessories PT580-35050-LB Bed Mat:

This Toyota-approved mat is made of durable, high-density polyethylene material for long-lasting durability in all weather conditions – even exposure to direct sunlight! The rug measures 60 inches by 80 inches which will fit most vehicle beds perfectly while contouring around wheel wells flawlessly.

The next is one of the most durable and extraordinary truck bed mats available in the market. These custom-molded heavy-weight bed mats are going to protect your cargo from dirt, dust, spills or any other unwanted debris while you’re on a work excursion with your rig.

This time Toyota Accessories has brought yet another heavy-duty mat for protecting that precious cargo inside; they have listened to customer feedback and continually improving their products!

These mats will provide superior abrasion resistance and do have a tear strength for durable truck bed protection.

The stylish pebble finishes are engineered to help you restrict the shifting of your cargo, while the angled ribs facilitate extra sturdiness and stability on top of that!

These bed mats make driving your Toyota an experience of luxury and relaxation. The sleek design is available in a variety of colors to suit any taste, from classy black onyx to earthy gold leaf with bronze accents.

You can enjoy the knobby exterior texture that promotes aeration and drainage for even better results when you’re making use of the car’s interior space while still keeping it safe and sound!

  • Protects your truck bed
  • Durable rubber construction is best for all types of jobs, from hauling to driving on rugged terrain.
  • The mat will fit most pickup trucks or SUVs with a 60-by-80 inch size.
  • It doesn’t work if you have bedliner installed in the truck’s interior space.

7. Dee Zee DZ86917 Heavyweight Bed Mat:

The best truck bed mat for protection against the elements is this heavy-duty, custom-molded Dee Zee model. It measures 60 inches by 80 inches and has a tear strength of 800 lbs! The ribbed design boasts superior abrasion resistance to provide the best performance in all weather conditions from dry desert climates to humid swamplands.

This well-designed product will not only match your pickup’s interior but also improve on its look with contoured sides that make it easier than ever before even when loading cargo into any type of truck or SUV.

Stop bed mat theft by adding the Dee Zee Heavyweight Bed Mat. Its extra-thick, durable rubber compound construction protects your truck from cargo shifting and damaging the interior surfaces of your vehicle.

The DZ86917 Heavyweight has a total thickness of .375 inches (9.52mm) which exceeds even industry standards with an additional .200 inches (5.08mm) lip above the door gasket so that it’s protected against large spilled fluids such as oil, gasoline, or radiator coolant in trucks without full-length bedsides.

A reliable heavy-duty bed mat that is resistant to fuel, oil, and any other chemicals for trucks. Residential vehicles use this as well in their beds since a rubber truck mat just isn’t practical on paved roads or surfaces.

This weighty product will come with you even when the temperature rises or falls so you don’t have to concern yourself at all, making it one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle!

A high-density rubber bed mat has a contoured profile, giving you an extra inch of tire coverage. The beveled edge and built-in mud flaps keep dirt out for long-lasting protection.

The heavyweight design resists tearing and compresses under load so it lays flat on the ground and won’t shift or buckle when in use.

  • best truck bed mat for protection against the elements
  • best choice if you have a pickup truck or SUV without full length bedsides
  • best heavy duty bed mat that is resistant to fuel, oil and any other chemicals.
  • There may be some sizing issues.

8. Westin 50-6385 Black Truck Bed Mat:

This best truck bed mat is a heavy-duty rubber product constructed with the best quality ingredients. The molded high-density construction resists tearing and compresses under load so it lays flat on the ground, giving you peace of mind when traveling along with any sort of terrain!

It also features an angled rib design for added stability to prevent shifting cargo that can cause damage in your pickup’s interior space-not just while it’s being used but even during off-season storage like winter or summer as well!

The beveled edge and built-in mud flap will help keep dirt out for long-lasting protection from all sorts of hazards.

Get your truck bed protected with the Westin 50-6385 Black Truck Bed Mat. This mat is made from heavyweight rubber and will preserve the value of your truck as it effectively lines the inside of your roof, which can be vulnerable to wear and tear without adequate protection.

The continuous geometric pattern provides a clean design that lets you dirty up in comfort with ease.

The Westin Black Truck Bed Mat is a ribbed, non-slip surface that’ll protect the exterior of your vehicle from scuffs and scratches while being able to withstand things like spilled liquids! Its heat molded to fit for maximum coverage and stays put. You’ll be glad you invested in it as a form of protection.

Protect the bottom of your pickup truck from mud, water, and debris with our custom-molded Westin Black Truck Bed Mat. Made from heavy-duty rubber to provide maximum durability and protection against chemicals. Easy install that will keep your truck looking clean for years to come!

  • best heavy duty bed mat that is resistant to fuel, oil and any other chemicals.
  • best for Colorado
  • edges had been trimmed and was ragged according to the customer review.

What to Consider Before Buying Truck Bed Mats?

Shape and Size:

Trucks of different makes, models, and sizes all have truck beds with varying shapes. The size and shape difference between them means that bed mats of any particular type will fit one make but not the other.

Customized mats can be quickly cut down to the perfect size once they are ordered so they’ll fit your style of truck perfectly.

It is essential that the size and shape of your rubber bed mat match your truck bed. You can either choose a custom-sized mat or one that perfectly fits the dimensions of your specific truck bed.


The best truck bed mats will be made of high-density rubber. These heavy-duty materials are resistant to tearing and can handle all sorts of weather without leaking or warping, making them perfect for use on any surface while providing the best protection possible for your vehicle’s interior space.

When buying a mat, consider material quality. The best truck bed mats are made from rubber and polypropylene and will fit into your budget.

Depending on the material you choose, truck bed mats can withstand heavy loading. These mats are also resistant to abrasion, corrosion, breaking, cracking, and rust.


the price range between best truck bed mat products is vast with some being as little as $49 and others upwards of $400 with so many options within this wide spectrum! When choosing a product it’s important to consider what you want in terms of features, durability, shape/size etc. before settling upon the best option that suits both your needs and budget ranges – there really isn’t one best choice out there but instead lots to choose from!

The price of the mat depends on how well-made it is. Carpet mats are priced low but may wear out after a few uses or tears easily. Rubber and plastic mats are more expensive at first glance, but they last as long as you care for them with regular washing and repairing when needed. Recycled rubber mats cost less to buy and offer protection that lasts longer than other options in most cases.


best truck bed mats feature beveled edges to help keep dirt out, a mud flap that will protect the mat from getting dirty and provide additional stability preventing shifting cargo. Some best truck bed mats can also withstand spilled liquids without warping or leaking through their surface like some other types of best rubber products might do in these same circumstances!?

The best truck bed mat is highly dependent on what you need it for so choose one with features best suited for your needs – performance level protection, budget range, etc. before investing in an expensive product that won’t meet your requirements!


Some best truck beds are foldable which means they can be stored away easily when not being used – perfect for anyone who is short on space or only uses their best rubber mats occasionally!

Non-slip surface:

the best truck bed mats have a high grip that ensures whatever you’re carrying won’t shift while driving, even if it’s sloped downward towards the front of your vehicle where cargo may typically slide off during transit? It’s important to invest in a product with this feature as otherwise there could be an increased risk of damage occurring and slipping objects onto your car flooring area.

Rubber construction:

the best rubber is a good choice for the best truck mat as it will provide you with protection and support while also being easy to clean.

The durability of best heavy-duty materials such as high-density rubber makes these types of best products perfect for use on any surface, in all weather conditions – no matter how harsh!

This type of material can withstand even the harshest uses without warping or leaking through its surface which only adds an extra layer of benefit beyond just being able to protect your vehicle’s interior space from dirt, dust, and rain, etc.

Customizable colors:

some best truck bed mats come with customizable color options that allow them to be best customized to best suit your specific preferences.

Ease of Use and Maintain:

When purchasing truck bed mats it is important to consider how easy installation and removal will be. You should look for a mat that won’t require any tools for installation and can come off in minutes. When you go shopping, avoid buying a product that doesn’t have these features.

Cleaning a stained or spilled truck bed mat is typically quick and easy with the right materials so it’s always preferable to buy one resistant to spills.


One key consideration when purchasing a truck bed mat is traction. A good truck mat should be skid-resistant to keep it from moving. Some truck mats are made with large pieces that offer greater resistance, like weft-knotted nylon. Other mats use pieces connected by Velcro or similar technology for easier resizing.

To prevent cargo from shifting, truck bed mats should have a textured surface. A textured surface will keep the cargo in place and maintains the quality of the item being transported.


A good truck bed mat should come with a warranty to help cover you in the event of an issue. Warranties vary depending on what brands and material choices you make, but the ideal protection only comes without increased costs. Learn about these warranties beforehand before making your final decision for safety as well as long-term economical gains.


Be sure to consider your local climate when choosing a truck bed mat. If the weather is hot, avoid using plastic mats which turn brittle in high heat and may also fuse together in extreme heat like some types of asphalt glue.

Rubber mats are more resilient to temperature changes than their plastic counterparts but still perform well in wet conditions as well – they’re less likely to absorb moisture over time or crack from extreme temperatures or pressure like Kevlar.

Truck Bed Liners:

When transporting your cargo, it is important to get the right truck bed mat. Truck bed liners cover an entirely flat surface of the truck and protect the cargo from shifting, which would result in dents that can damage your vehicle.

Truck bed liners are available in different sizes and shapes to fit trucks with three-sided plywood, fiberboard, or steel wall. Truck bed damage is prevented on the bottom and two sides of the truck because of this. Cargo is protected well due to having bumper protection all around for your items.

There are three common types of bed mats: rubber, carpet, and roll-on polyurethane. The cost is in width when you compare them to the mats themselves.

You can choose to install the bed liners permanently or temporarily. Semi-permanent installation is more efficient because it allows you access to all of your truck’s compartments, even when they are concealed by the liner.

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Materials Of Truck Bed Mats:


Whether the truck bed mats are made of recycled or virgin rubber, they will best serve their purpose if they are thick and rich in protection. Rubber is more durable than other material options and can protect the vehicle even during harsh weather conditions.

Rubber truck bed mats are the best choice for convenience and longevity. Rubber is less porous than carpet, making it less likely to harbor dirt and bacteria. As a result, it requires fewer specialty cleaners, saving you time.


If the best truck bed mats for you are made of plastic, it’s best to examine how tough and durable they will be. Plastics that offer toughness tend to have a hard surface with some flexibility. These

best truck bed mats will not wear down as easily and are able to provide protection from extreme weather.

Plastic is also less porous than carpet, which means fewer dirt particles can sneak through its fibrous material into your vehicle when driven on mud or snow-covered surfaces.


If you’re into the best truck bed mat options that offer versatility, nylon is a great choice. This material can be found in many different forms of best truck bed mat designs for your vehicle’s needs. It is more durable than other materials while still retaining its soft feel when it comes time to clean up the best truck bed mats messes with water or liquid soap products.


If the best truck bed mats for you need something long-lasting but also lightweight, polyester may be just what you’re looking for. Polyester fabric has been known to last much longer than other fabrics because it’s lightweight and doesn’t retain as much dirt.


The best truck bed mats may not always be the most fashionable option but if the style is what matters most then go with carpets as there are plenty of colors available in this category – from black & browns to reds and blues! Carpet is often considered more attractive because they come in various textures depending on their type (velour, Berber).

Carpet truck bed mats provide the best comfort and protection for your vehicle. Carpet is more porous than rubber or plastic – meaning dirt particles can seep through the fibrous material. This means that carpets should be cleaned with a specialty cleaner more often to ensure they are as clean as possible at all times so you don’t have any unwanted messes in your car!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best way to protect my truck bed?

Truck bed mats protect your truck and can protect cargo from dirt and spills as well. For simple and affordable protection see our 10 items long list of the best truck bed mats for the money.

Truck bed mats have many uses – they can save you from complications of rusting, prevent business materials from being ruined by harmful elements/weather, or be used to deliver equipment to work sites/offices without a scratch on it. Our list covers everything so you know which mat suits you best!

Does bed mats cause rust?

The mats have heavy-duty vinyl tops that prevent any moisture from penetrating the mat.

The truth is, one of the main reasons rust develops on cars is due to them sitting for extended periods in damp conditions – not something all too common with vehicles parked indoors. If you do keep your car outside, we recommend covering it with a tarp or other protective fabric to reduce exposure during prolonged rain and snow events.

What are truck bed mats made of?

Truck bed mats are made from a variety of materials, including rubber. A truck bed mat typically has an inside layer that grips the surface and protects the cargo from abrasion, water-repelling properties, and tough wear and tear; with a textured surface for extra traction in wet weather.

A truck mat absorbs shocks while protecting cargo items during transit. The protective features allow goods to be transported over rough or hilly roads without excessive wear. When selecting a material for truck bed mats, one wants to consider the durability needed under the circumstances and price point as well (like any product). A rubber material seems to fit these requirements and its long-lasting durability is not only friendly on your vehicle’s surface but also helps avoid potential.

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Wrapping Up:

We’re confident that you’ll find our guide useful and informative. But don’t take out word for it, see what other customers are saying about their experience with these bed mats in the reviews section below! If there’s anything we left unanswered or if you have any queries or suggestions please let us know in the comments. Happy shopping!

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