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Frequently Asked Questions

HDMI Input

How can I use the cinemizerOLED ? What are the various drones and video devices that will work with my cinemizerOLED ?

CinemizerOLED can be used to fly your drone in first person view, play games, watch movies. Have a look at this article to discover the main supported devices & use cases.


What are the different means to stream some content to the Cinemizer ? 

CinemizerOLED supports HDMI and Analog A/V but there are many more options to recieve video: Apple’s Lightning, MHL, USB type-c or even wirelessly using Google Cast. Follow this link to explore these various options.


I have visual impairments, can I still use CinemizerOLED and get a clear picture ? Yes, as cinemizer compensate from -5 to +2 diopters you do need to wear your glasses. (note that astigmatism cannot be compensated)


I can’t turn off the cinemizer OLED by pressing the ON/OFF button.

You can turn off the cinemizer OLED by briefly pressing the ON/OFF button. If you hold it, the cinemizer OLED restarts.


I don’t see a OSD on the right display.

Because of technical constraints in 1080p FRAME mode HDMI 1.4 (3D), the OSD is visible in left display only. In all other mode the OSD is visible in both eyes simultaneously.


While the battery is charging, the battery status LED flashes red, even if it was green earlier.

When the cinemizer OLED is in use and the battery status LED is green, it is possible that the charge level is just above orange status. If a USB plug is inserted for charging, the battery status LED flashes red. This informs the user to charge the battery longer – which is also good for battery life.



User Manual

All you need to know about cinemizerOLED video glasses.

50 pages of detailed description of the product,

its usage, functions, best practices and accessories



Quick Guide


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Cinemizer Technical Datasheet

Looking for features and figures ?

You will find all you need, and more, here.



EyeShield User Manual

Guide and best practices to make

the best out of your EyeShield.




Latest version of the Cinemizer FW is version 1.1.8. It has been stable since 2015.

If you think your cinemizer requires a FW upgrade, follow the link.




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