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CinemizerOLED Video Glasses

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CinemizerOLED video glasses offers sharp and lively immersive experiences. Perfect to fly your drone in First Person View, to enjoy HD content for private cinema sessions when connected to your phone, gaming console or TV box.


The 40 inch simulated screen, with 2 high resolution OLED displays with record breaking density of pixel, the 6 hour battery life makes it perfect for everything from drone races to travel and offer you what matters most: emotions.


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What would you like to see from a birds eye view ? 

Cinemizer OLED video glasses allow you a first person view of your drone, like you are in a Star Wars pod-race.  You’ll embark in the cockpit of your drone and ride it as a Formula One driver…but in 3D. All you have to do is plug… and fly !


Offer yourself sharp eyes and true colors, offer yourself to fly, for real.


But Cinemizer can also
do so much more!

Are you traveling a lot or enjoying relaxing sessions at home ? 

Plug it to your mobile device or set top box and enjoy your best content.. privately!

Are you a Film maker or Photographer ? 

With cinemizerOLED and EyeShield immersion accessory, secure the best shots, fully immersed in your camera, no parasitic external light.

a Medical professional ? 

Distract your patient during intervention, let them forget about surrounding word. Everything gets so smooth, really easy setup,

You just invent the next use !

Other applications for cinemizerOled video glasses: cinema, 3D theater, mobile gaming, medical use

They tried it

Dusty Birge
Professional Inspection Pilot

Making videos via the goggles are a dream [..] Cinemizer goggles increased our effective aerial inspection coverage rate/day by almost 40%.
Drone Review Expert - Share Knowledge and Ideas

I am amazed by the excellent definition and picture quality these glasses offer, colour representation is fantastic, brightness and contrast is great even in a bright day.

Gary Kent
FPV Drone Racer

it is like moving from black & white to full color.

Hugo Madignier
Professional Pilot & Drone Racer

..more detailed and colorful with any analog camera compared to other products. Definitely love these goggles!

Almalaky Alafdhal
Orthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry

More Comfort , No Fear from dental clinic… listen and enjoy your favorite Movie during Treatment !

Andrew williams

The Zeiss Cinemizer are undoubtedly among the most practical, high quality video glasses we’ve used. Among their peers, they’re relatively practical, comfortable and offer good, if not stellar, image quality,

Drone manufacturer

Easy to setup, see the world as never before

Luke Bannister
Drone racer

Dem crispy screens inside dah gogs // Love these goggles makes analog look hd ahahaha


Main features
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  • OLED displays (Organic Light Emitting Diode)
  • Simulated screen of 40 inch (=1 m) in 2m distance
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • 2 high resolution displays with 870×500 pixel each (100% fill factor)
  • 24 Bit RGB color depth
  • FoV (Field of View): 30°

3D support

  • Side-by-side / Top-Bottom / Line interleaved – see below 1) Supported 3D formats
  • Frame Packing at 720p and 1080p (HDMI 1.4)
  • cinemizer OLED is supported by NVIDIA 3DTV PlayTM


External connector

  • Mini-USB for charging the integrated re-chargeable battery
  • 3,5mm audio jack for external stereo head phones




  • Cinemizer OLED incl. re-chargeable battery
  • Cinemizer HDMI Adapter
  • Nose pad plus 2 nose pad adapter
  • USB-Cable
  • AV-video-cable (3,5mm 4pin to 3 x Cinch)
  • Quick Guide and safety handling
  • Headphones
  • Travel case
  • HDMI to Mini-HDMI Adapter-Cable

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