CinemizerOLED at work

Meet Dusty Birge and learn about how he utilizes Cinemizer OLED first person view glasses in his business.



We recently sat down with UAV Recon owner and SkyFire Consulting Trainer and Consultant Dusty Birge, a real ambassador for CinemizerOLED !


“We have inspected thousands of structures and hundreds of miles of transmission line with CinemizerOLED.

In short, you make a great product. They work excellent : Cinemizer definitiely is the great solution for drone professionals.”


In what context have these pictures been taken ?


We flew a Train Derailment for a large scale training at SERTC. At Skyfire, the focus is helping make public safety departments implement safe & efficient UAS programs….they loved the goggles!


Dusty owns UAV Recon, an Aerial Inspection Service specializing in electric utility assets, like substations and transmission line. We have inspected thousands of structures and hundreds of miles of transmission line.


Utilities have been working with UAV Recon to lower maintenance costs, while reaping the benefits of the UAV data quality. The more miles of line we can inspect in a day, the more profitable UAV Recon is. The better the operator can FPV inspect, the better data and imagery he can collect.

Why Cinemizer ?


In short, you make a great product. They work excellent : Cinemizer definitiely is a great solution for drone professionals. I remember presenting them at a first responder training to ~30 sUAS operators and used your FPV googles to illustrate operational ease vs ipad (What they currently use).  Some probably thought I worked for CinemizerOLED !


Thanks to its design and compacity CinemizerOLED uniquely allows to fly in first person view with immersive vision while maintain the Line of Sight (LoS) below/above the goggles, which is a key for professional use.


We used to use an iPad for the controller monitor while flying and glance back and forth between screen & drone.

Since we operate 8+hrs per day, we needed multiple tablets for just (1) operator…even with an on-site charging solution.  We since have implemented Cinemizer goggles for 100% of our applications vs the ipad for drone FPV.


  • The FPV goggles aren’t impacted by glare from the sun like the tablet. The screen sits far enough forward, even having the sun directly at your back…doesn’t create glare issues. You can add sun shades to the tablets, but even then, there is glare, bulky, collects dust and really isn’t convenient.

  • The Cinemizer pack allows charging & use at the same time, so we have connected them to an external battery pack for multiday use without additional charging, stored everything in a pouch on our belt. 

  • The Image is Clear, Bright, and doesn’t come with the neck fatigue of traditional tablet FPV use. Note that we still have a tablet on the controller, but mostly use it for the apps and changing settings.

  • The Goggles are slim enough in design, one can easily glance above/below the glasses to maintain line of sight, as well as launch & landing.

  • We also utilize aerial thermography cameras by FLIR. Some tablets can’t support the thermography data rate…the goggles do seamlessly.

  • A good tip for long sessions: as the ear piece tabs may hurt after a while, if you will be wearing for an extended time try removing them and use lanyards to hold them on your head.

  • To support ease in taking them on & off, I suggest using an elastic lanyard behind the head  which allows you to flip them up without getting tangled in the cord.

  • Not all the same data is displayed on the glasses as the Tablet, but this may be a DJI thing…not necessarily a Cinemizer Problem. However, it does require the tablet for some data as a result.

  • Not being a ‘ruggedized’ product, we are extra careful when handling them. The handling case does a good job protecting them when not in use.

  • Sound. We would prefer a model that plays the sound via a built in speaker, instead of the earpieces. The glasses are shared amongst pilots and we don’t like cleaning the ear pieces between users, so we have just removed them entirely, thus loosing sound. 

  • The wire. I’ve caught the wire between the glasses and the pack many times and yanked the glasses on the ground. I would pay additional for a wireless option, but then am concerned with battery life. However, cord management is a small problem. 

At CinemizerOLED we love to claim that #emotionMatters.

How does this ring for a professional drone pilot ?


We used to take breaks frequently to stretch our necks and eyes- they hurt from looking down at the tablet and squinting. Using the Cinemizer goggles increased our effective aerial inspection coverage rate/day by almost 40%.


“Making videos via the goggles are a dream. With an experienced pilot + goggles….it’s cinematic in real-time and allows you to best adjust camera settings for FPV inspection.”


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