One CinemizerOLED – loads of uses !

With CinemizerOLED, enjoy a wide range of immersive experiences. Dive into action by connecting to a number of devices: fly your drone, play games, watch your best movies. Whatever in the nature, at home or traveling, cinemizerOLED will deliver what matters most: emotions.



CinemizerOLED works perfectly for FPV (first person view) drone flying.

Whether your drone of choice is a DJI (MAVIC, Inspire, Phantom), Parrot, Yuneec – or 3DR, or even your own custom camera or racing drone – the CinemizerOLED is easy to connect and put you in the cockpit view.  

Here’s how to connect:




Flying the Mavic in FPV mode is just mind blowing : You are able to get the real sense that you are flying ! CinemizerOLED offers a unique, lightweight and stylish mean to fly your MAVIC Pro in immersive mode.

Normally, the Mavic Pro streams video wirelessly from the Drone to the remote control unit. The video then is sent to a mobile device via mobile device charging (USB) cable.  The mobile device screen is then used as a control display to monitor the video stream from your MAVIC.

Enjoying MAVIC in FPV with CinemizerOLED requires to output the video stream from the display and feed the Cinemizer with it. Here below are 2 main options for doing so:

  • Us the CrystalSky. the DJI display monitor that features both a USB input that connects to the Mavic transmitter, a build-in video receiver and an HDMI port that can be used to connect our CinemizerOLED.  Simply connect your CinemizerOLED to the CrystalSky, and enjoy your MAVIC in FPV as well as seeing the video feed on the CrystalSky monitor. Follow the link for more inputs on the CrystalSky.
  • Use a smartphone or tablet that both features a USB port (to input the video from your remote control) and a video output port (to connect to your cinemizerOLED). There are a few devices out there capable of this. One of them being the Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet. Enjoy ! 

Find in the article some more inputs about technical connections



.. and other DJI DRONES


  • Phantom 3 professional, Phantom 3 advanced , Phantom 4 , Phantom 4 pro – You can fly your Phantom in FPV mode and re-discover  what flying a drone means. Depending on your drone version you may directly have an HDMI video output on your remote control, or will need to acquire the HDMI extension module from DJI. Once equiped, just plug and play your cinemizer to the HDMI output. The Extension module is available for Phantom 3 advanced, professional and phantom 4. The Phantom 4 pro+ has build-in HDMI output. Follow-the link to discover DJI’s HDMI output module


  • LightBridge video transmission module – LightBridge is DJI’s standalone video transmission module, plug your HDMI cable on the receiver, just Plug & play through HDMI !


  • Inspire 1 V2.0,  Inspire 1 pro,  Inspire 2,  matrice 100,  matrice 600,  matrice 600 pro – Simply plug your HDMI cable to the remote control.










FPV Racer Drones (Do It Yourself racing drones)



  • With Analog video transmition (Immersion RC, Clearview etc.) – Connect your CinemizerOLED to your FPV Video transmission ground station using analog A/V input jack (pay attention to remove the HDMI adapter to the module)


  • With Digital video transmission (Connex Prosight, DJI lightbirdge..) – Plug & play through HDMI, The connex Prosight system is the perfect match to make the best of your cinemizer enjoy !


More on HDMI and analog connection here

Other brands of drones




  • Disco – Through a device (tablet/smartphone)  featuring both USB and HDMI output, use FreeFlight Pro app on your device and connect your cinemizer to its HDMI output.
  • Bebop – Fly your Bepop in first person view thanks to the SkyController (Version 1) featuring an HDMI output. Plug your cinemizer.. and fly !




  • Typhoon H, TORNADO H920 PLUS, H520 – Plug & play through HDMI, simply plug your HDMI cable to the remote control.




  • Solo drone – Plug & play through HDMI, simply plug your HDMI cable to the remote control.




  • Mi drone – Through a device (tablet/smartphone)  featuring both USB and HDMI output, FPV video reception is done through a HDMI output to the CinermizerOLED. The tablet is just a transmitter from the controller to the HDMI cable going out.


We missed one ? Have some tricks and tips to make the best of cinemizerOLED with some drone ?

Just contact us and let us know !









 GO MOBILE !     

CinemizerOLED can be used to privately enjoy your HD content from most smartphones and tablets. Several connectivity options are possible. See below how to connect your smartphone or tablet.




You’ll connect your Cinemizer to most Apple mobile device. From iPhone5 onwards, apple devices feature a ‘lightning port’ that can be adapted to an HDMI plug using Apple’s adapter, and connected to the Cinemizer OLED HDMI port.

Link to Apple’s Lightning to HDMI adapter.


Android and Others

A number of mobile device feature a video output that can be connected to the Cinemizer to enjoy your mutlimedia content in private mode. This article will tell you more about the various connections means from your device to the cinemizer OLED.

Among the various connection means, most common are MHL and HDMI protocols. They are physically conveyed over your micro usb port. 

Find all devices featuring an MHL video output: here. 

This article gives a list of the mobile devices featuring an HDMI output.


Go Wireless !

Release your smartdevice from cables and enjoy selecting your content from a wire-free phone or tablet. 

Stream wirelessly some content from any smartphone, tablet or PC to your Cinemizer OLED at home or in your bed by using a Chromecast dongle.  This article will tell you more on how to setup your private cinema using Google’s Chromecast.




Your cinemizer will connect with any game console featuring an HDMI output. Enjoy your game!


The Cinemizer OLED glasses will work perfect with your Microsoft Xbox 360, or Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation 3, Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo WiiU or Nintnedo Switch.


Find here more about ways to connect your players to the cinemizerOLED




Wanting to enjoy your favorite TV Show ? A sports game you can not miss ? Looking for some privacy while watching your movies ? Select your program and lean-back: here are a few of the multimedia players and Set-Top-Boxes that will directly connect to your Cinemizer OLED glasses.




  • Apple TV – Cinemizer will connect to your Apple TV using its HDMI output: plug & play !



  • Chrome cast – The sweet choice to enjoy your content from your mobile device. Plug your Chromecast into the HDMI input of your cinemizerOLED and play as same like you do with your TV.  More info about Chromecast usage with cinemizerOLED in this blog post.


Roku & Any set-top-box.



  • All the Blu-ray devices with an HDMI output would work plug and play with your CinemizerOLED video glasses.



See how to connect your Cinemizer OLED Glasses to most of existing video sources here

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